Make Every Client Your Best Client

At Fiscal Fitness, we help our clients transform their lives by analyzing how they spend and save money. With our coaching, our clients develop a customized process for managing income and expenses. We establish a strong foundation of effective habits along with a simple budgeting approach to help them achieve their long-term savings and investment goals.

As a past financial advisor, I know how much time you spend helping your clients manage their day-to-day finances. I also know that it’s likely not your favorite part of your job.

We dig into every dollar of a person’s spending, find money, and teach individuals how to manage their money in a more fulfilling way. They become better stewards with their money, which means they’re more engaged in saving for their future, resulting in a better client for you.

Financial Planners Are Our Most Valuable Asset

What makes Financial Planners our most valued asset is that you are seeking clients with money to invest. As a financial coach, I help clients “find” money and partner with financial planners to give them a plan for their future, to invest their “new” money wisely.

When Your Client Needs a Financial Coach

  • They cannot answer the question “How much do you spend on groceries?”

  • They take premature distributions or unplanned withdrawals from retirement and other investments.

  • They make low or no contributions to savings, investments or retirement relative to income.

  • They contribute only to withdraw it a few months later.

  • They receive a windfall of money (bonus, raise, tax refund, gift from family member, etc) and you never see it.

  • Credit card debt or student loans are holding them back from reaching their savings goals.

  • They’re not sure how they spend their money.

  • They have a life change coming up which will dramatically alter their lifestyle – marriage, having a baby, retiring, etc.

The Benefits of Partnering with Fiscal Fitness

  • Increased assets under management.

  • Higher conversion and close rate.

  • Increased engagement by clients for their financial future.

  • Reduced expenses for 100% of our clients which means more money to invest.

  • Partner with a business with a proven record of success who you can trust.

“I can tell you that my stress about our finances is gone… GONE. We have a plan for our money every month. My husband and I do our budget together, and we are on the same page with our finances and goals. We have paid off over $30,000 in debt and have been able to put over $8,000 in savings.”

Erin C. , Fiscal Fitness Client

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