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We polled our clients, our social media accounts, and even our own gym (yes, really!), and everyone (100%!!) said that when it comes to their finances, they want more…


But here’s the thing…if you’re not taking action, that is never, ever going to happen.

It’s like January at the gym…when literally everyone suddenly decides that this year is the year that they will finally get in shape, lose weight, or get their revenge bod…

But after a month or so…who’s left? YOU. Your friends. Your workout partner.

The gym-dwellers who showed up on a Thursday in May and continue to show up regularly because they are driven to create massive change in their body.

Those “January People” show up expecting a massive shift in their physique in a ridiculously short window of time. You and I both know that’s not how fitness works.

…yet, when it comes to money, we expect huge gains in short spans of time – something we know in our core is not achievable in the gym.

The shift that you need is not a quick change…it’s a slow build with incredible, Arnold Classic-level results – so that you end up with the ultimate flex: having control (and confidence) of your goals — for your body, for your money, and for your financial goals.

Training your money takes time & effort, but far less than spending 2 hours each day at the gym (because you have major gains & goals to achieve).

You’re naturally competitive when you’re lifting. 

But with money

You don’t have a plan – you have pipe dreams. And that feels downright shitty. You’ve spent way too long putting off your finances…but the pain of uncertainty is knocking on your door. And it’s getting louder.

Let’s change that. Together. 


Power Planning Sessions

In just 2 hours, you can totally change your money story –
that’s about the length of ONE training session.

It’s time to create a crystal clear picture of your money & a plan for how to work it going forward.

How would it feel if you had…

A solid training plan – one that eliminates the guesswork around managing your money.

Guidance around spending intentionally, saving with a purpose, leveraging or paying off debts, and maximizing your income.

A budget with numbers you can live with. We won’t take away your fancy coffee or protein powder (we can’t live without those things either!)

A savings strategy so that you could be confident, secure, and ready to tackle not only what life throws at you, but the fun, lifestyle expenses you want to enjoy too! Hello, monthly massages! 

A strategy for tackling your debt so that you are leveraging it properly and tackling it as quickly as possible.

Think of your Power Planning Session financial coach as your “personal money trainer.” We are as passionate about training your money as you are about smashing your next PR.

*The actual financial gains you’ll see out of YOUR Power Planning Session depend on a lot of factors. Past Session attendees have seen financial gains from $5,000-$50,000 over the next 12-month period…or even $500-$10,000 in just their first month (after a Power Planning Session).  


It’s time to get your money into shape. As your Personal & Professional Financial Coaches, we’ll guide you through creating sustainable habits by developing a strategic plan that fits YOUR lifestyleprotein powders and Starbucks runs included.

Your Power Planning Session will leave you with the clarity and confidence you need to turn your money goals into a reality.

If you have any questions or need help with scheduling, please contact us.

Still on the Fence?

Do not delete
“I’m a smart person. I can figure this out on my own. I just need a better budget/have to watch my spending/work harder.”

You ARE smart, and you might be able to figure it out on your own, but when you hire a financial coach, you’re hiring a money expert.

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients, seen all kinds of budgets, and talk about money all day, every day. When you work with a coach, you get an easy to follow, foolproof plan for your money (one that you cannot wait to implement).

Kind of how you might hire a personal trainer to help you achieve a fitness goal…

“Financial coaching feels like a lot. I need something easier. There has to be a simpler solution where I don’t have to be as hands-on.”

Let us give it to you straight: you won’t ever be completely hands off with your money.

Much like you can’t train really hard at the start of the month and take the rest of the month off, you can’t only pay attention to your money one day out of the month.

Money is a lifelong journey, just like your health and fitness.

The thing is, budgeting (especially in the beginning) is hard. But you know what else is hard?

Not having a budget. 

Not having a budget means constantly chasing after purchases that have already occurred. It means being reactive instead of proactive. It means putting out fires instead of taking smaller, consistent action. 

And it’s WAY easier than what you’re doing now. Promise.

“If I could only find the right app or program, it would all be better.”

That “perfect” app or program or template you’re looking for? It doesn’t exist

These tools are designed for the masses. They’ll work until they don’t. They might be great for short term gains, but rarely are they THE solution. 

Once again, those apps are ok. But they’re not great. And we’re shooting for great.

Don’t see your question? Shoot the Fiscal Fitness PHX team a message HERE –  we’ll read it, AND answer it
– either by sharing a helpful link, an IG story or a Reel (yes, really!).

If you’ve made it this far, you obviously know that understanding and training your money needs to happen. But you’re hesitating…why?

We know how passionate you are when it comes to fitness.

We know how dedicated you are to getting real, visible gains.

We know you want to accelerate your results in the gym…but you need help managing, training, and understanding your money.

If you’ve been putting off financial stability hoping that you’d suddenly have an epiphany, or meet a wealthy someone to sponsor your BIG show goals…a Power Planning Session is as close as you’re gonna get (seriously!).

Don’t Take Our Word For It…Our Fiscal Fitness PHX Clients Get INCREDIBLE Results:

Once upon a time, I saw a friend post about how life changing Fiscal Fitness was for her. I was curious & looking for a change. Budgeting was foreign to me & I felt like a hamster in a wheel, constantly chasing debt that kept sneaking back up and I just kept running! It was exhausting. It took some convincing, but I finally talked my husband into a Power Planning session… it was a game changer!!! We haven’t even been with Fiscal Fitness for a year yet & It’s taught us so much. Including the fact that you CAN pay off debt while still LIVING! We have paid off so much debt, life has been calmer when it comes to finances, not stressful like it used to be AND it is SO NICE having a plan & super organized budget. It’s truly life changing! I want to say THANK YOU, Jill Emanuel. She’s been our amazing coach & so incredibly helpful! & if you’re on the fence about a Eureka session, just stop. Do IT! You won’t regret it!!

We are so please with the results from our Power Planning session with Coach Jaclyn!! Before working with Jaclyn, money came in and went out, and I feel like I didn’t know where the money was going. We didn’t have a plan, and I constantly felt in the dark about our finances. It added a level of stress to our marriage that I knew you didn’t need to be there. After working with Jaclyn, we had a money plan! We now have a money management system that works! I can see where every dollar is going, and we can plan larger urchases, based on whether we have money set aside. It’s taken this stressor off our marriage, and it hasn’t felt restrictive at all… it’sfelt freeing! Thank you, Fiscal Fitness and Coach Jaclyn!

Fiscal Fitness was the best investment I could have made towards our financial future. We bit the bullet and paid for a couples one-on-one. Whether you have money to spare or are drowning, I’d suggest doing whatever you can do to get into a one-on-one. This was a two hour meeting where every second was accounted for. I thought for sure she was going to lecture us about spending money on Starbucks or recite a typical budgeting article. I was in for a big shock. Her budgeting system is thorough, she completely walked us through our finances and showed us how to get into the power position I could only dream about. I had tried so many different types of budgeting and apps, and Fiscal Fitness made things so simple.

I began coaching originally to help my employees financially, but after completing the Power Planning session, I realize how helpful it would be for me personally and for my business. On the business side, I felt out of control. I always had enough money coming in, but I could not really tell you how much, or exactly all that money was going. I felt like something I could not get a handle on myself, but once I started talking to Jaclyn, I knew that this was some thing I need it for my business and personal finances.

I recently had my Power Planning call with Coach Niyani, what an incredible call, process and experience! First off, doing a deep dive into your finances is scary enough and brings up lots of feelings, I never once felt embarrassed or shame on this call. Niyani created a very supportive safe space, therefore we were really able to be very productive with our time. This is the stuff I wished my parents would have taught me, once you hear the concepts, it seems so easy, the information is invaluable and I will use and the rest of my life. The best part, I walked away with a clear plan of what I needed to do and put in place. I now feel empowered and in control of my financial future both personally and professionally. I highly recommend!

It’s time to do the work and take control of your money’s performance. And it all starts here:

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In just 2 hours, you can totally change your money story –
that’s about the length of ONE training session. 

It’s time to create a crystal clear picture of your money & a plan for how to work it going forward.

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