Power Planning Session

Are You Struggling with Money?

Okay, that’s pretty much a universal issue! What we perhaps should ask is, “Do you struggle managing your money?”

Your previous attempts to manage your money probably haven’t worked for one simple reason – none of the other methods you’ve tried were designed for you. Some “celebrity” decided it worked for them, so they sell it as a way that will “work for everyone.” That’s a lie.

What You Need is a Plan, Not a Budget!

Are you living paycheck to paycheck and worried about upcoming expenses? Perhaps you’re looking for the best strategy to leverage or pay down debt? Maybe you feel like your money controls you, not the other way around. Whatever your situation, no one wants to lie awake at night stressing about money.

You’ve tried different apps, downloaded budgeting spreadsheets, and read the personal finance books…all with lackluster results. But not having any system at all doesn’t work either so you’re stuck repeating the same vicious cycle.

No matter where you’re at today – whether you’re:


Living paycheck to paycheck and worried about upcoming expenses


Looking for the best strategy to leverage or pay down debt 


Aware you could be doing better financially, but not sure where to start 


Lying awake at night stressing about money


Feeling like money controls you and not the other way around or


Just not sure how to get to where you want to be… 

The time to make a plan is now – there’s no better time – and you’re in the right place.

Cookie Cutters are Great…For Cookies not Cash!

The cookie-cutter approach to budgeting just didn’t work for our Fiscal Fitness Founder, Kelsa Dickey. As a kid witnessing her mom trying to build a budget, and then as an adult herself with a finance degree, she noticed her natural spending patterns didn’t match the method the “experts” told her would work. That’s when she decided…

We shouldn’t keep trying to change ourselves in order to fit the system.
The system should change in order to fit us.

Personalized, Customized – Designed to F.I.T. You!

The method Kelsa developed to overcome her own money frustrations is now the Fiscal Fitness PHX F.I.T. Framework. It has been used by 1,000s of people successfully and is now taught by hundreds of other money coaches, financial planners, and personal finance experts.

You’ll love it because the F.I.T. Framework can be customized to you! No matter your income level, lifestyle, or goal – using this framework can totally change the trajectory of your life.

How? Because the framework is about more than just numbers; it’s about embracing what’s important to YOU first, then crafting the system to fit you. Unlike traditional budgets, the F.I.T. Framework is centered around YOUR excitement and enthusiasm. We ensure the plan aligns with your own values, goals, and lifestyle.

Cookies can be great…but custom, homemade cookies baked just the way you like them are perfect!

Let’s Break That F.I.T. Down!

The F.I.T. Framework is your path to achieving any goal you have in life.
It may be difficult to imagine right now, but very soon, you’ll:

No longer have to use your money to clean up mistakes from your past

Be fully prepared for upcoming expenses (the ones you worry about today)

Start to use your money to fund your dreams

F.I.T. is a three-part framework: Foundation | Implementation | Transformation.

It all starts with The Money Masterplan – your solid foundation for becoming a more financially fit version of you!



The Money Masterplan

The Money Masterplan is your personalized method for seeing your money clearly, managing all the moving pieces, and controlling your cash flow. Personalized, Customized – Designed to F.I.T. You!



The Cash Flow Control Program

The best plans only work when they’re put into action. This phase is where coaching can be really powerful. During this phase, you’ll be putting your new habits and foundational systems into place — this is how you will gain Cash Flow Control.



The Dream Maker Program

During this phase you will start to see how much more is possible beyond the debt, beyond gaining cash flow control. Together with your coach, you will craft your plan towards the big picture goals you have in life.

Phase 1 | Foundation – The Money Masterplan

Think of this phase as the blueprint for your financial home. Whether you want to save more, pay down debt or keep your spending in check, the biggest hurdle most people face is an inability to see their money clearly. You cannot grow, change, or expand with a faulty foundation.

A Detailed Plan Tailored Just to You.

The Money Masterplan is your personalized method for seeing your money clearly, managing all the moving pieces, and controlling your cash flow. It’s a birds-eye view of your financial position along with the precise numbers, actionable steps, habits, and strategic decisions that will improve your financial health.

It’s not that you’ve failed other methods in the past; it’s that they have failed you.

Phase 2 | Implementation – The Cash Flow Control Program

The best plans only work when they’re put into action. This phase is where coaching can be really powerful. During this phase, you’ll be putting your new habits and foundational systems into place — this is how you will gain Cash Flow Control.

We all know that just because you have a plan, everything isn’t suddenly going to start working perfectly – life has a tendency to get in the way! When something tries to derail your progress (there will be bumps in the road!), or an adjustment needs to be made — your coach will be beside you, helping to guide the way.

Cash Flow Control – Optimizing Your Money

  • We look for ways to manage debt or drive your income to reach your goals even faster.
  • We look at pulling different levers to speed up your savings growth.
  • We discover new ways to help you fall in love with your journey with money.

Just like The Money Masterplan prioritizes your excitement and enthusiasm to determine the plan that’s best for you, the same is true when it comes to implementing your specific habits, systems, and processes. Your path towards financial success should always align with your lifestyle and goals. We care about what matters most to YOU!

In just 90 days, your new money habits will be in place and the magic really starts to happen.

Phase 3 | Transformation – The Dream Maker Program

It may be difficult to imagine now, but with a customized plan for your money, you can reach your goals so much easier and faster….and life gets a lot more fun!

Imagine what it will feel like when…

  • You’re not putting out fires anymore.
  • You aren’t worried about what financial whammy is about to strike.
  • You’re no longer just “winging it” — you actually have a plan.
  • You aren’t spending hours tracking dollars that have already been spent.
  • You have no more guilt about your spending.

In less than a year, you will feel VERY different than how you feel today. You’ll see a promising future and know exactly how to create it. That is transformative!

During this phase you will start to see how much more is possible beyond the debt, beyond gaining cash flow control. Together with your coach, you will craft your plan towards the big picture goals you have in life. Every month your money confidence will continue to grow as you get closer to making your long-held dreams a reality.

With this next level plan, you’ll take your money, well….to the next level..

Don’t Just Take our Word for It…

Allison B.

YOU CAN DO THIS!  It is not overwhelming or out of reach.  It’s an investment in yourself and your time.  That’s what my Money Masterplan session taught me and my boyfriend.  It’s nice to finally feel like my money is in my hands and I know what to do with it.

Melissa H.

The Money Masterplan I recently had with our Money Coach was AMAZING!  I didn’t know there was a better way to budget my money.  They introduced me to the plan ahead method which takes the stress out of budgeting.  My husband and I feel more in control of our personal finances after working with Fiscal Fitness and highly recommend them as financial coaches.

Let’s Get This F.I.T. Started!

Every single journey starts with a first step… Your first step to better money management is your Foundation – The Money Masterplan; your personalized plan provides a birds-eye view of your financial position, along with the precise numbers, actionable steps, habits, and strategic decisions that will improve your financial health.

Don’t Think Cost, Think Investment!

Personalized 1:1 coaching is our speciality

We dedicate time and attention to our clients. The financial plans and strategies we create for our clients are heavily customized. We are there every step of the way while our clients implement those plans and strategies.

This high-touch program is why our clients gain control of their cash flow so quickly and how they realize so many financial results.

At this time, we have a waitlist to receive 1:1 coaching. If you would like to work with a Fiscal Fitness money coach, please add your name to the waitlist (see below) and you will be notified when the next spot opens up. At this time, you are looking at being able to start with your own money coach in about 90 days.

Taking the first leap to invest in your financial life can be scary. But we see time and again that once people get started, they want more support to ensure they put their plan into action.  

If you feel you want the coaching support that comes in Phase Two: Implementation  – The Cash Flow Control Program, we will be there to help you. When you choose to take fast action and move forward into our 90-day Cash Flow Control program, ask about our Fast Action bonus!

Cari M.

We absolutely LOVE Fiscal Fitness!!  My husband was hesitant on participating in this coaching strategy to start, but has been so grateful for doing it!!  We’ve not only developed a plan for monthly savings, but we’ve paid off a ton of debt in 3 months and have an incredible budget that helps make us successful!  Fiscal Fitness have provided us with tools, information and are constantly cheering us on!  If you’re on the fence, trying to decide if you “need” this or now, DO IT.  Everyone could use a coach, let’s be honest!  Having tools in your pocket will make you even more successful!

Kristy Q.

Fiscal Fitness have changed my mind and my family’s life!  They have helped me financially travel the world, change careers, buy a home, pay for IVF and so much more! I don’t know if I could have done any of that on my own!  They have allowed me to achieve goals I never thought I could have accomplished!! My favorite part of working with Fiscal Fitness is that they are not a team of coaches who say, “Nope…you can’t spend money on this or that.”  They are a team of dream makers who say, “This is what you want?  Great!  Let’s figure out a way to accomplish it”  I truly believe a financial coach can change someone’s life and no one is better than this team!

Looking for More Details?

Our Money Masterplan is tailored to YOU and your unique circumstances. There’s a lot of work that goes into creating your Money Masterplan, because our coaches make sure it’s unique and customized just for YOU.  This is the crucial first step of building your money foundation and getting control of your cash flow.

This is why every single one of our 1:1 coaching clients MUST begin with their Money Masterplan. This isn’t just another generic budgeting template. Here’s the best part.

We Don’t Just Email Your Money Masterplan

Money Masterplan SessionWe will create your Money Masterplan in advance of our session. Then, we sit down with you for 2 hours (or 2.5 hours if we’re creating a Money Masterplan for your business too) and during this time, we talk with you about what we see and we discuss the best ways for you to move forward to achieve your goals.

Let’s Back up…Here’s The Process

Once you schedule your Money Masterplan, you’ll receive a quick questionnaire and a financial worksheet. What we call your Money Prep! This worksheet isn’t complicated, but you’ll want to plan to spend an hour or two getting us the details of your money specifics.

Once we get the completed worksheet back from you, we get to work creating your Money Masterplan. When we look at your numbers, a picture starts to form. We can see exactly what’s going on – what life looks like, where the challenges are, where your strengths lie, where opportunities exist – we’re able to see every moving part. We break it all down into an easy-to-digest plan of action that allows you to see it too.

If you’re overwhelmed at the thought of dealing with numbers, we’re here to simplify the process. We’ll be checking in with you to see how you’re doing and if you need any help, we are here.

A Productive Financial Coaching Session

Creating your Money Masterplan in advance of our session is important. Why? Because it means your one-to-one time with your Money Coach is spent discussing the particular nuances of your situation: what you like or don’t like, and the plan for implementation going forward.

Oh Another Thing… We Don’t JUDGE

It’s normal to feel nervous as your session approaches. Remember, your Money Masterplan is about creating a stronger financial future. It’s about taking you from where you are now to where you want to be. We’re not going to spend time getting too in the weeds of how you spent your money last month or last year.

A person who has been “perfect with money” does not exist. We’ve all made money mistakes. Yes, even the Fiscal Fitness coaches. We understand that talking about money can feel very personal and sometimes uncomfortable. We offer a judgment-free zone where your privacy is respected. Our focus is on helping you move forward, not dwelling on the past.

Questions? Concerns? Need Help Scheduling?

We are confident that our Money Masterplan – the first phase of our F.I.T. Framework –  will leave you with the clarity and confidence you need to turn your money goals into a reality. If you’re not quite confident yet and have more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why Would I Spend My Money to Get Help with My Money?

Not sure that a Money Masterplan Session is right for you? We get it. On the surface, it might not make sense. Wouldn’t hiring a coach mean you have less money to put towards savings or paying down debt? We hear you. If you can answer “100%, for sure, yes…no doubt!” to these three questions, then you don’t need our help…

If you have total and complete control over how you are spending your money.

If you feel with absolute certainty and confidence that you’re not leaving any money on the table. 

If you feel proud of the system that you’re using to manage everything – that the time and effort spent is insignificant in comparison to the benefits and clarity that your system provides.

….but the fact that you got this far on our website might suggest otherwise!

Transformational Life Coaching

I recently had my Money Masterplan session, what an incredible call, process and experience!  First of all, doing a deep dive into your finances is scary enough and brings up lots of feelings, I never once felt embarrassed or shame on this call. Our money coach created a very supportive safe place, therefore we were really able to be very productive with our time.  This is the stuff I wished my parents would have taught me, once you hear the concepts, it seems so easy, the information is invaluable and I will use it the rest of my life.  The best part, I walked away with a clear plan of what I needed to do and put in place.  I now feel empowered and in control of my financial future both personally and professionally. I highly recommend!

Carrie B.

I’ve completed a Money Masterplan three times with Fiscal Fitness since 2017 and it’s worth it.  I’ve always been a budgeter and struggled with finding a balance between bills and fun. They provided me a much clearer picture of my income/expenses that I just couldn’t figure out myself (believe me, I tried).  They showed me adjustments to my budget that were simple, effective and things I hadn’t thought of at all.  I’m basically debt free and have all my short/long term goals on track, plus I’ve got a little extra this time around.  I’ve worked with all 4 coaches. 3 in a Money Masterplan and 1 in the ladies club seminar.  They are all AWESOME. If you are on the fence, do it… NOW!! The return on investment is 1000%.

Have questions? Schedule a complimentary Discovery Session with a Fiscal Fitness PHX Coach now.