For those seeking clarity around their money…

What if you could gain control of your finances…
without your budget restricting your life?

Meet the personalized process that’s helped 1,000s of smart individuals, couples, and business owners nail down the financial plan that works for them.

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“We absolutely LOVE Fiscal Fitness…

My husband was hesitant to participate in this coaching strategy… but has been so grateful for doing it!! We’ve not only developed a plan for monthly savings, but we’ve paid off a ton of debt in 3 months and have an incredible budget that helps make us successful!

Cari Testimonial

- Cari M.

“Will I ever stop stressing about money?”

A valid question you might have, because:

Kelsa Dickey - A Plan that works for you

You’ve tried budgeting books and apps, but the methods were hard to follow. So you still haven’t found a system that works.

You’ve worked with a financial advisor who gave you advice you didn’t understand… and left you more confused than before.

You stress when money’s tight and when it’s not, because you’re unsure about the right things to do with it.

I hear you. I’ve been there, too.

If you’re stuck in a money stress cycle,
It’s not your fault.

It’s the way so many people live.

Because we’re never really taught how to manage our finances. And then the world hands us generic half-solutions and says… “Good luck!”

The truth is, that’s just not good enough.

Your money should help you live the beautiful, badass life you deserve…

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Kelsa Pointing Up

But now, you see that traditional budgeting methods won’t cut it. And “winging” it won’t do either.

So when it feels like you’ve tried everything to get ahead how do you finally end the money overwhelm and make real progress toward your goals?

By centering the key piece missing
from most financial advice:


If you’re ready to have a plan for your money that feels right to you…

So you can:

Make confident decisions

Stop letting “what ifs” worry you

And feel more in control of where your money goes…

(But not so much control that you can’t enjoy life.)

You need more than a one-size-fits-all process.

You need a financial plan that truly fits your life. (We can create this for you in Your Money Masterplan. More on that in a minute.)

Jill _ Financial Coach

The financial plan that works for you will incorporate:

No 01

What’s most important to you

Strict approaches to money don’t work because they ask you to deny yourself the things you love most. Instead? Your money plan should get you thinking, “This is what I want? Great! Let’s make the adjustments we need to make it happen.”

No 02

The way
you operate

Most money management methods never ask how you want financial planning to feel. But the BEST strategy is the one you feel most excited about! Not one that makes you feel like you’re “failing” because it wasn’t built for your mind and lifestyle.

No 03

The nuances of your present and future

A solid financial plan doesn’t start with theory. It starts with a deep look at your position now, and where you want to go. You wouldn’t take health advice from someone who knew nothing about your life. Around here, we think the same should apply to your money.

Hey, I'm Kelsa!

Wife, mom of 2, powerlifter, and 15+ year Money Coach

And importantly… I’m not here to tell you what to do with your money.

Yup, that’s right. I’ll never use one-size-fits-all strategies to determine what’s “right” and “wrong” for you.

Your life is more colorful and complex than that. We can’t base your financial plan on absolutes and numbers alone.

Instead? I combine my financial expertise with impartial guidance to help you wrap your mind all the way around your financial decisions…

(even the decision to try a financial coaching program)

…so you can make confident choices aligned with your values and goals.

Kelsa Dickey Financial Coach



Indecision is a tough place to be.

So, I’ve built some coaching into this page.

Because you’re here, I know you’re seeking smart ways to improve your money situation. So when you get to the bottom of this page, my goal is that you feel confident in your next step. 

My team and I’ve found that one highly personalized, 1:1 financial coaching session is the best place to start for the 1,000s of people we’ve helped sort out their money. 

FFP Team

So below, I’ll share:

What that initial coach session looks like

And some coaching prompts along the way

To help you decide if this step is right for you.

Because our aim at Fiscal Fitness is to pinpoint exactly what you want (not what we want for you) and create the best action plan to get there.

Maybe your best financial life starts
with one simple question...

What if a financial expert took the time to learn your:


Thinking style

Current position

And goals for the future…

…to create your perfect-fit financial plan (down to exact dollar amounts, accounts to open, and steps to take) and show you how to use it?

What could that do for your future?

↑ Let me grab a calculator and roll up my sleeves
Because that’s exactly what we’ll do together in…

Your Money Masterplan

A hands-on money coaching session + personalized action plan to give you complete financial clarity and confidence.

Revealing specific tools, strategies, and untapped opportunities to achieve clear goals, based on your passions, needs, and current financial position.

↓ Ready to take the first step together? ↓

Add your name to the list and we’ll be in touch shortly!

↑ Let me grab a calculator and roll up my sleeves - Because that’s exactly what we’ll do together in…

Your Money Masterplan

gives you tools to…

smart decisions

Make smart, easy financial decisions

because you’re crystal clear on your personal and/or business goals and specific steps to get there.


Feel more present with family and loved ones

because financial stress no longer keeps you up at night or strains your relationships.

money confidence

Confidently save and prep for your future

because you have a plan that adapts to fit your life and the whammies that come up along the way.

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“I've gained confidence with my money that I never thought was possible, and I sleep amazingly well these days.”

“Prior to working with Jill, I have never had a "coach" for anything. She has made my first experience an invaluable one - one that I'm not sure I ever want to be without. I've gained confidence with my money that I never thought was possible, and I sleep amazingly well these days. She is patient, intuitive, and so very encouraging! I have loved my time with her!”

Jen Testimonial

- Jen R.

Here’s how we’ll collaborate on your best-fit financial plan:

Step 1:

Offload your money stress

Money Prep to help us map out your plan

Money Masterplan Worksheet

“YOU CAN DO THIS! It is not overwhelming or out of reach… It’s nice to finally feel like my money is in my hands and I know what to do with it.”

allison b

Start with personalized Money Prep - a quick questionnaire and financial worksheet to help your Money Coach find the best strategies by looking at the numbers and what’s most important to you.

Skip the Google-able financial advice - We bypass cookie-cutter financial tips by gathering all the details of your situation in this first step. That way we can develop a deep understanding of your needs and base our advice around that.

At this stage, your financial stress can start to unravel… simply submit your info and know your Money Coach has your back from here.

Step 2:

Tap into your financial potential

Meet your Money Coach for a 2-hour, hands-on coaching session (2.5 for business owners) to discuss Your Money Masterplan

Financial Coach Meeting

What an incredible call… I never once felt embarrassed or shame... Our Money Coach created a very supportive safe place… we were really able to be very productive with our time.”

See your money clearly - Your Money Coach shows up on the call with a specific plan to transform your current financial picture into the future you want. 

Speak with an expert who gets your needs - Your coach spends hours immersed in your story before you meet. So from the first minute, your call is about how much to pay on that debt, savings buckets to consider, specific shortcuts, and opportunities identified just for you.

Walk through each step together - Your Money Coach shares her screen to walk you through each step in your plan. We make the session fun and collaborative — your input and excitement are crucial to your plan’s success.

Get a flexible structure to plan ahead - The Plan Ahead Method™ becomes a solid framework to help you make sustainable changes over time in a way that fits your life.

After your call, you’ll have specific money management steps to get real results that you’ll feel from your bank accounts to how you sleep at night.

Step 3:

Get a YOU-focused plan for your money

Get your hands on your custom Money Masterplan that breaks down specific, manageable steps for the financial future you want

Your Money Masterplan Session

“They provided a much clearer picture of my income/expenses that I just couldn’t figure out myself (believe me, I tried).”

Carrie B.

Receive Your Money Masterplan - After reviewing it with your Money Coach, we’ll email your Money Masterplan - the comprehensive system we’ve mapped out to help you go from money chaos to confidence.

Gain control of your money - Your Masterplan untangles the financial cobweb in your head and reveals precise dollar amounts, action steps, the cadence to check in on things, and strategic decisions available to you.

Feel proud of your new habits  - With the exact structure and logistics mapped out for your money, you can feel assured in your financial steps. Because you know they’re leading you where you want to go.

Confidently prep for what’s next - Once you start living your Masterplan, you’ll come across new decisions, challenges, and even red flags. We give you a detailed heads-up so you’re prepared for those, too.

This plan is yours to implement, and no two Money Masterplans are the same. From this moment forward, you have a financial foundation that fits your life and the confidence to act on it to achieve your goals.

Instead of just telling you how we roll…

Scoot up a chair and I’ll show you
how a session with us can go ↓

Scoot up a chair and I’ll show you how a session with us can go ↓

take a peak at the first 20 minutes of a coaching call

We see you. We hear you.
We care about your success.

We see you.
We hear you.
We care about your success.

Here’s how we show it in your money coaching experience:

Take it and run with it, or lean on us for next steps

Your Money Masterplan helps you move forward with clarity and confidence. You’ll be equipped to implement on your own, or you can keep working with your Money Coach from here.

It’s about your values, not ours

Your Money Coach will never say, “Here’s what I think you should do.” Our personal decisions, values, and beliefs never come into play. We look at what excites YOU. Because you’re the one who needs to be on board with your plan.

We adapt to the coaching style you need, too

Need gentle guidance? We’ve got you. Need more of a “tough love” approach? We can do that, too. We believe money management should never be one-size-fits-all, and neither should the money coaching process.

Your excitement – and nerves – are welcomed, never judged

Part of you might be excited to get support with money management, but maybe you’re nervous, too. You see the potential to improve and you’re ready for change, but you may doubt your abilities… or wonder if a Money Coach could really help. We get it.

The Fiscal Fitness coaches have all navigated our own money challenges, and we’ve helped so many people through unique and complex situations. Your coach will show up for you with nothing but respect, ready to hear your doubts and celebrate wins with you!

Want to build your financial foundation together?

For Individuals & Couples

The Money Masterplan

personal financial coaching

Stress offload: guided Money Prep

2-hour Masterplan session with your Money Coach

Your Masterplan document – with clear steps to take next for your personal financial goals


For Business Owners

The Money Masterplan

personal + business financial coaching

Stress offload: guided Money Prep

2.5 hour Masterplan session with your Money Coach

Your Masterplan document – with clear steps to take for your personal and business financial goals.


This is an expression of interest, not an official commitment.

Fiscal Fitness Team

The Fiscal Fitness

Word of integrity

If you’re ready to find your best-fit approach to money, we’re 100% confident that we can help you do that.

Still, we want to be totally transparent here: we can’t guarantee you’ll achieve a specific goal in a specific timeframe. But here’s what we do promise when you book Your Money Masterplan:

We promise to help you create the plan to live your life in alignment with your values and dreams.

We promise to walk you through that plan so you’re excited, free of indecision, and clear on your next steps.

We promise to provide specific actions you feel confident executing to improve your financial position.

We never take for granted the trust you put in us. You have our word that we’ll use all of the skills and resources at our disposal to help you succeed, and we’re prepared to wade through the financial mud alongside you to get there.

fiscal fitness team

Meet The Coaches

Jill Emanuel - Money Coach


Money Coach

Jill came to Fiscal Fitness years ago as a client, and was able to pay off $85,000 of debt in 2 years!

Now, she’s joined us as an incredible money coach, ready to be your biggest hype person and handle any level of financial complexity you throw her way.

Jaclyn Wise - Money Coach


Money Coach

Jaclyn is a former math teacher who was sick of the sacrifice she associated with budgeting… before she met our own coach Jill.

Since then, she joined our team as a patient, detail-oriented coach who’s ready to overthink your money – so you don’t have to. 🙂

Kelsa Dickey - CEO & Money Coach

And me, Kelsa!

CEO & Money Coach

I grew up seeing my single mom struggle financially and decided I wanted to help people with their money.

My Plan Ahead Method™ has since helped me retire my husband, take months off when we adopted our son, and help 1,000s of people improve their financial lives.

You will be assigned to one of us when you book Your Money Masterplan!

If we were with you now, we’d ask…

What’s the best-case outcome for your financial situation?

When it comes to money, it’s easy to make decisions based on what could go wrong

Or stay stuck until things get “bad enough” to move us into action.

This is a human trait ingrained in all of us. We’re more hard-wired to run away from something we don’t want than toward what we do want. Funny, right?

But while it’s important to fully understand your financial reality, it’s also important to let yourself dream.

So I’d like to ask you to think about the possible best-case scenario for your financial situation over the coming months.

Imagine yourself implementing a financial plan that works for you and truly succeeding in your goals.

What does that look like? How do you carry yourself?

Are you more confident? More present? More at ease?

It’s your life, so I can’t paint that picture for you. But I can tell you that beyond the “what ifs” and money stress, there is so much room in the coming months for things to go well for you financially, and we’d love to help you get there.

Jill - Money Coach

One thing I’ll highlight:

If you are ready for our help with Your Money Masterplan, it’s better to add your name to the waitlist sooner rather than later.

We take just 2 new clients per month, and the wait to have your session is around 90 days. So joining the waitlist now is the best way to get Your Money Masterplan in your hands as soon as possible.

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“Jaclyn helped us prioritize our lives by what is most important to us; our values.”

“Finances were a point of contention for my husband and I before finding Coach Jaclyn with Fiscal Fitness. Each time we tried to discuss finances, it was a painful dreaded topic that we avoided at all costs that would take hours and end in frustration and tears… We were at our end and decided that we needed someone to help us; then Coach Jaclyn came into our lives.

Now, we can easily have conversations about finances without a single tear or ounce of frustration. We are actually excited to talk about money and goals! We no longer live paycheck to paycheck and our stress is gone. My husband is sleeping through the night, which means I sleep better! 

Jaclyn helped us prioritize our lives by what is most important to us; our values… Previously, we were living our lives by what we "should" financially focus on; now, we focus on what fills our cup while still being responsible. She is like a close friend, rooting for us to succeed… I've never felt judged or worried about sharing concerns with her. She helped us realize that we are normal, not failures, very similar to her experiences… Without her, I don't think we would have reached success; we would have fallen off like we did with every other financial plan we tried.”

Dacia Testimonial

- Dacia L.


Frequently Asked Questions

“I always say, gosh, I wish I had Kelsa way back when. But thank God I got her at all… There’s no way this house would be paid!”

“I wish I had Kelsa way back when because things would be a lot different. I did start with her later in life... It's never too late to start, obviously, but to see everything I've done in that amount of time, like having my house paid off... 

And now I'm thinking about retirement, and I know she's going to be invaluable for me. Being by myself it's like, when will I know I can retire? Without Kelsa, I’d be scared right now thinking about retirement, and today I don’t have to think about that. I know I have Kelsa. So I know I'm going to be able to tackle that with no problem.

- Claudia H. (10 years with Fiscal Fitness PHX)

Want the Money Masterplan breakdown again?

For Individuals & Couples

The Money Masterplan

personal financial coaching

Stress offload: guided Money Prep

2-hour Masterplan session with your Money Coach

Your Masterplan document – with clear steps to take next for your personal financial goals


For Business Owners

The Money Masterplan

personal + business financial coaching

Stress offload: guided Money Prep

2.5 hour Masterplan session with your Money Coach

Your Masterplan document – with clear steps to take next for your personal and business financial goals


This is an expression of interest, not an official commitment.

“They helped me financially travel the world, change careers, buy a home, pay for IVF, and so much more…”

1 (8)
Kristy Testimonial
Nicola Testimonial

“I had real numbers and felt confident in my revenue.”

2 (9)

“I have never been so secure and felt so good about my financial situation.”

1 (8)
Laurie Testimonial

Does your next financial step align with the direction you want for your life?

Kelsa Dickey Financial Coach

Money stuff can feel hard. But one thing that makes it harder is staying stuck in indecision.

That’s why my goal today was to empower you to make a decision that gets you closer to your best financial plan.

(Not one based on impulse, emotions, or what could go wrong.)

I believe wholeheartedly that your best, most fulfilling life is on the other side of managing your money well.

And while my team and I would love nothing more than to help you do that, we’re rooting for you whether you move forward with money coaching today or not.

I have so much respect and compassion for where you are right now. Wherever your money journey takes you, we’re excited to support you however we can.

To the best financial outcome for YOU,

Kelsa Dickey

CEO, Founder & Money Coach at Fiscal Fitness Phoenix

↓ Ready for Your Money Masterplan? ↓

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