From Corporate Grind to Island Paradise: The Transformational Power of Financial Coaching

Transformational Power of Financial Coaching

When Driven Business Owners Partner With Fiscal Fitness PHX

Meet a determined couple who turned their dreams of early retirement into reality by investing in financial coaching with Fiscal Fitness PHX. This dynamic duo had experience with online training and dreamed of leaving the concrete jungle of NYC so that they could live & work from a beach.

From Day 1, they worked with their financial coach to co-create a roadmap tailored to their needs & lifestyle that also took into account a few concerns, such as fluctuating income and a lack of predictable revenue. With their financial coach’s support, they were able to develop a new business model built to support and encourage financial stability.

They worked hard to make their dream of a beach life their reality, and today they’re working & living on the gorgeous shores of Belize.

Meet Jessie & Josh

Meet Josh & Jessie. Josh entered the online personal training world long before it was mainstream and had carved a niche for himself in the fitness industry. Jessie had a successful healthcare career, but the COVID-19 pandemic hit Jessie hard, and she realized she needed a change. Jessie was already passionate about bodybuilding and fitness, so acquiring her personal training certification was a natural fit.

Josh and Jessie dreamed of a life where they could seamlessly transition their businesses online and gain the freedom to work from anywhere their hearts desired, but they quickly realized that they needed help. As small business owners, their unstable and often unreliable income was a challenge that they weren’t sure they could solve – they needed a rock-solid financial plan—which is why they invested in Fiscal Fitness PHX for financial coaching.

The Dream

While Josh and Jessie knew what their goal was, they had no idea how long their goal would take to achieve or how much money they needed to save. Additionally, they knew that they wanted to pay down the last of their debt and determine not only the cost of moving to a new state (California or Florida) or country (Belize) but also which location would be the best financial fit for their lifestyle and businesses.

In their words:

“We are ok, but living month to month at this point. We have a better handle than we used to on where the money is going; however, with the income we are making, we still can’t figure out why we are just getting by.

We would like to figure out how to feel comfortable living with our current income situation. Once this is achieved, we would like to continue so we can plan for our future.”

The Plan

If they wanted to achieve their goals, Josh and Jessie needed financial clarity and a plan for money management. The first step was to meet with a Fiscal Fitness PHX coach for a Money Masterplan Session. This 2.5-hour session provided clarity with a fully customized financial plan that addressed both their businesses and their personal finances.

“I KNOW FOR A FACT we are in a MUCH better place than we would have been had we not done the initial Money Masterplan session!! We are much more aware, and I am not spending nearly as much as I had prior.”

Josh and Jessie followed the financial plan that was created during their Money Masterplan Session, which allowed them to pay off their remaining debt and relocate to the beaches of sunny Belize in only a few months.

But despite Josh’s impressive average monthly revenue of $10,000, they found themselves still struggling to make ends meet each month.

During their next coaching session, we discovered that the issue was not with their monthly revenue; rather, it was a cash flow timing issue — the root of the problem was the structure of Josh’s programs, which relied on package-based offerings, combined with his clients’ inconsistent utilization of their purchased sessions.

Together, these issues created an imbalance in cash flow—a challenge that was further magnified when Jessie transitioned to full-time business ownership. We worked with Josh to shift his programs from a package-based to a program-based model, which required clients to commit to a 3-month program with a subscription-style model, which resulted in consistent monthly payments.

Changing his business model allowed Josh to gain predictability and control over his income, which in turn allowed for a stable financial future.

Living Their Dream

“I cannot begin to tell you how satisfied we were with the help and support we received. We started with a Money Masterplan session, and halfway through, I knew that the Fiscal Fitness PHX financial coaches could help us. Book your session asap!!! You will NOT be disappointed!!”

With the support of Fiscal Fitness PHX’s financial coaches and their insights, empathy, and guidance, Josh and Jessie were able to:

  • Leave an exhausting, unfulfilling corporate career
  • Relocate to a gorgeous island off the coast of Belize
  • Navigate some BIG unplanned expenses that resulted from their transition to a new country (like needing a golf cart to get around their little island!)
  • Save more aggressively for future travels & goals

And as a direct result of working with Fiscal Fitness PHX, they were also able to:

  • Increase their income by 20-30%
  • Ensure that income dips are a thing of the past
  • Begin building a reserve account just in case any future financial dips may occur from things like a contract ending. This will allow them to ramp up their marketing efforts while still turning a profit & paying themselves.

Invaluable Lessons

With the support of Fiscal Fitness PHX & our expert financial coaches, Josh and Jessie achieved remarkable results through the transformative impact of financial coaching:

“Before Fiscal Fitness, we lived separate “financial lives.” Because of this, there was no real plan for our financial future. Fiscal Fitness brought everything together and helped us build a plan. We have a much better grip on our financial life thanks to working with our coach. No matter what happens, we are able to come up with a strategy that will help us see it through. Fiscal Fitness has made that possible.

Our biggest win is that we are currently living on an island, and we are using all of the strategies we get from our coaching. It has been priceless. It has helped us live our dream.

We currently live on Ambergris Caye. It’s an island off the mainland of Belize.”

Over the course of their journey, Josh and Jessie successfully transitioned to living on the enchanting island of Ambergris Caye in Belize, where they embraced their dream lifestyle. With our coaching strategies firmly in place, they’ve continued to successfully navigate unexpected expenses with ease, skillfully managing their cash flow while working towards new, bigger goals.

Josh and Jessie’s inspiring journey holds invaluable lessons for others seeking to realize their dreams. Here are some words of advice from our coaches:

Gain Clarity

Take the time to understand your financial situation and create a comprehensive plan. Clarity provides the foundation for financial success.

Embrace Change

Be open to making adjustments and adapting your business model to ensure stability and predictable income.

Seek Expert Guidance

A financial coach can provide invaluable support, helping you navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and stay accountable.

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