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The audio quality in this very early episode isn’t the greatest, but the podcast itself is good. It’s worth a listen. 

This episode is about getting out of debt, and honestly, will be one of probably one hundred episodes where we talk about debt.  There are so many different topics that we need to cover on the subject and so we can’t fit them all into one episode.  If you have a specific question about debt that you want us to cover in a future podcast let us know!

Not many of our friends or family know that we were in some pretty big debt earlier in our marriage.  Now, “pretty big debt” is a very relative thing.  Every person is ok with different levels of debt.  Some people are ok with thousands of dollars in student loans and credit card debt and some people can’t stand having $100 on a monthly balance of a store credit card.

We were at a place where we were ok with some credit card debt remaining from our wedding and other purchases, a car payment, and student loans from Kelsa’s master’s degree.  Then all of a sudden we weren’t ok with it.  We realized that if either one of us decided to leave our job or heaven forbid lose our job, we would be totally controlled by the debt and not have money for regular expenses and other things we wanted to do.  We got super focused, got on a budget and got out of debt.

There are many strategies to pay off debt and if you are getting out of debt you are doing it right.  In this episode, we talk about the different strategies and which is the best for you.

Once you have decided to get out of debt stick with it and don’t change your strategy just because someone on the radio or a blog you read or a friend tells you a different way is better.

Once you get out of debt you should also write down your personal financial principles.  These will guide you to never get into debt again.  These could be things like, “we will always buy a vehicle with cash, never with a loan or lease”, “I will never let my savings dip below $1000.00”, etc.  Having these in place will assure your debt free future.

We hope you enjoy the podcast and stay tuned for episode 3!

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