With the government shutdown now the longest in history, government workers and contractors are set to miss their second paycheck. Friday January 11th was the first paycheck most federal workers missed, which makes today, January 25th the second paycheck. Eighty percent of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck, so missing two paychecks is undoubtedly a hardship impacting many people.

We wanted to post some ideas for relief options for those who may be impacted or know of someone who is. You are worthy of receiving help.

Chase Bank

Chase is refunding all overdraft and service fees, providing 90-day relief on mortgages and removing minimum payments on credit cards. Contact Chase Bank, specifically their Special Care line at (888) 356-0023 for more information.

There are other community banks trying to do their part. You can read this CNBC article for even more, but check your bank’s website or local branch as they may not be on this list but still providing assistance.

National Diaper Bank

This organization has over 200 local diaper banks and has seen a sharp increase in need since the shutdown. Please consider donating, if able, and make sure anyone  with small children being impacted by the shutdown is aware of this resource. Click here for more info.

Federal Employee Education and Assistance Fund

This independent program has been providing emergency hardship loans since 1986, and it has mobilized to help those affected by the shutdown. Click here for more info.

United for U.S. Coalition

The United Way has set up this fund, along with the help from labor unions and corporate partners, to help federal employees, federal contractors, and others affected by the shutdown. Among the services it provides are emergency assistance with food, rent, and other basic needs. Click here for more info.

TSA Agents

For those looking to directly help TSA agents, please keep in mind they cannot accept anything while on duty at the airport. They rely on the organizations we have listed as well, so consider supporting those organizations instead.

Our friendly reminder: If traveling right now, please be extra courteous and say “Thank You.” All of these employees are working without pay to keep you safe.


“As long as the shutdown is in effect, our customer service team will waive late fees, provide extensions and coordinate with you on revised payment schedules,” said AT&T in a statement on its website.

Check with your cell phone carrier for similar assistance.

  • Click here for Sprint’s statement.
  • Verizon provides their program information here.
  • T-Mobile recommends calling their Customer Care line at (877)746-0909 to discuss your options.

You have options. You can ask for assistance. This is an unprecedented time, so please don’t feel ashamed or worried about reaching out. You are worthy of asking for and receiving assistance when you need it. So do it.