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Helping a Saver and Spender See Eye to Eye: A Client Celebration Interview

Coach Jill recently had the pleasure of interviewing Jamie and Katie,  financial coaching clients who began working with us in 2020. Jamie is a saver and Katie likes to plan elaborate two-year-old birthday parties for her kids. Through coaching, they found a way to marry their different outlooks on money and find a common purpose and plan for their money. 

Read parts of their interview below or listen to the whole thing on this episode of the Fiscal Fitness Podcast.

Q: How or why did you start talking about doing financial coaching?

We grew up in different households so one of us is used to saving and one of us is used to spending. When we got married, this was out biggest fight. We thought we would come to you, and let you be our mediator between do we save everything, spend everything, or where’s the median? 

We both knew that it was a hard part of our marriage and an area to work on. Just like we would get regular therapy or something like that, this was our avenue. If we know this is an issue or potentially would be an issue, we’re gonna do all we can to not make it an issue.

Q: What was your biggest misconception about coaching coming in?

I was afraid you guys were gonna tell me you’re gonna have to stop with Amazon…and there’s areas I just don’t budge on with that. Jamie is definitely the saver and wants to save for the future so we are able to accomplish that. But we are also able to accomplish that…well I like to have lavish little parties for 2-year-olds! 

You don’t have to sit here and itemize every single thing. The things that are important to both of you then we can set a budget for the future, and then you don’t feel as guilty.

It was more about switching the mindset of becoming proactive after being reactive for so long. I always felt like we were paying bills, and at the end of it, what do you have to show for it? This definitely took this stress off me.

Q: What were you expecting coming into coaching? Were you excited or nervous?

Jamie: Being the saver, I definitely thought we were wasting money on coaching. Why in the world is this of value? There’s no need to do this. I was always taught to pay off credit cards as soon as you got the statement.

Katie: And I was taught to enjoy life and make the memories…

Jamie: Early on, I kind of realized that I was the one looking at the bills, so I was thankful to have someone else looking at it to give a second opinions because you can never plan for everything. 

Q: You have had a ton of stuff come up recently. How would you have handled that in the past versus how you have handled it now?

Previously, I would have crawled into the closet and closed the door and pretended the outside world didn’t exist. I’m proud of our accomplishments. We don’t have any credit card debt. We have money saved. We still have the same budget. We had before meeting with Jill. We didn’t have to cut out or cancel things. 

We’re being more intentional with our money. We’re not just paying bills. We were looking at it and saying does it really make sense to have this and are we using it? 

Q: What is your biggest source of pride or accomplishment?

We’ve got a joint thought on money. We are both looking at it and considering what is important to us. I can make the decision a lot easier and quicker and feel like there’s no remorse or thought after the fact. It doesn’t linger.

It’s like we’ve been planning for this, and here’s the money for it, so next. I can move onto the next thing. I’m not looking at the bank account or the bills everyday. It definitely has made it less serious and stressful in my world. 

There’s a plan involved, but there’s also room for being flexible and adjusting the schedule. It makes sense that you can look long term and then whoops something comes up, and you can reevaluate and readjust and move on. It’s not as serious because you have a plan for it. 


Thank you, Katie and Jamie, for letting Coach Jill interview you. It gives us all the feels to see the ways financial coaching has helped your marriage and your mindset. We will keep cheering you on as you make progress and work toward your goals, big and small, short and long term.

If you’re an FFP client who has experienced a similar shift with your finances after financial coaching, we’d love to interview you. Get in touch with us.

And more importantly, if you’re interested in financial coaching, it all starts with a Eureka session.

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