Holiday Gift Budgeting Guide - Archived

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When we budget for holidays we usually just think of buying gifts for birthdays, Christmas or Hanukkah, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day and maybe Valentine’s Day.  But in reality, there are so many other holidays that require gift-giving that we often forget to include in our budget.  You probably don’t get through the aisles of Target in March or April without at least buying Easter candy. And Halloween candy and costumes can add up. Every year, you probably have at least one person – either a relative or close family friend – who graduates in June. Christmas spending usually involves more than just buying presents. There’s a tree, decorations, food and beverages to bring to family gatherings, work parties, etc. The list goes on.

We don’t want you to forget these forgettable, yet all-too-important events when it comes to budgeting, so we’ve created the guide below. Click on the picture to download your free printable gift budgeting guide.  It does not have to be January 1 for you to start planning for these unexpected expenses. Complete the entire worksheet right now, planning out next year, then adjust your budget accordingly.



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