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You will hear me say, “Let’s get fiscal” quite often. It’s a play on the 1981 Olivia Newton John song Let’s Get Physical. I like it because it reminds us, myself included, that getting our finances in shape takes the same discipline as getting our bodies in shape. Maybe that means I am a personal trainer for your finances…


Let’s look at what a personal trainer does for you:

  • Asks WHY you hired them. Maybe it was to lose weight, get stronger, or get in shape for an upcoming event.
  • Provides a personalized plan for you to meet your goal.

  • Teaches you how to use the equipment at the gym.

  • Doesn’t leave you alone with a list of exercises.
    Challenges you in ways you never thought possible.

This sounds an awful lot like how I help my clients meet their financial goals.

What’s your why?

Hiring a financial coach means you’re willing to share your money story and that you want to make changes. Just as you hire a personal trainer to help you lose weight, you hire me to help you decrease debt and/or save for the future. Your money story more than likely includes decisions about money that you are not proud of and you want to learn new ways to handle your money.

In the course of our time working together, I will ask you your top three reasons for wanting to work with me. Common answers are get out of debt, save for a home, and take a vacation

Your Personalized Plan.

Working together, we look at your current finances and goals, developing a personalized budget to help you get from where you are today to where you want to be. Chances are you don’t walk into a gym and immediately begin lifting 100 pound dumbbells. There’s a progression to your money just like steps to getting in great shape. I give you the tools, show you the steps, teach you new habits and even help hold you accountable to executing them.

And I will never leave you alone.

I might push you to think about how you handle money in a way that is new to you but I will never leave you alone. I want you to leave with confidence that you can handle your finances in a way that helps you continue to meet your goals. Typically, clients stay for 6-12 months with an option to visit quarterly, as needed.

If you’re ready to get fiscal, schedule a Eureka Session with me today!

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