How to Budget

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Have you tried to budget before but the process only led to frustration or a feeling of failure?

Let me guess, the process looked something like this- you complete a spreadsheet where you list your monthly income at the top then list all your expenses for the month after that. And at the bottom it gives you a pretty number that says you should have money left each month! YAY!!

Only the end of the month comes and there isn’t any money left… the spreadsheet lied!

Most people I ask have tried to budget before. If you go to google and type in “budgeting template” there are millions of versions of the same worksheet. Unfortunately, this version of budgeting doesn’t really work for most people.

This form of budgeting has been failing people for far too long. I wish it were never created. I think of a budget very differently – one that is fluid and resembles the way you live your life for real. I hope you’ll check it out and give it a try!

how to budget

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