Financial Coach Ohio Jaclyn Wise

Jaclyn Wise

Financial Coach

You would think a former math teacher would be a natural budgeter. I taught middle school math for 11 years but was a mess when it came to budgeting and balancing my own checkbook. Once I started making “real” money, I thought my finance worries would be solved. I was wrong. Six years after graduating from college, I was still living paycheck-to-paycheck and feeling extremely jealous whenever my friends posted pictures on Facebook of themselves enjoying vacations in exotic places. I cringed when 866 numbers popped up on my phone letting me know I missed another payment. I scrutinized and agonized over every purchase I made, big and small. Money made me feel all the wrong feelings. 

That was years ago. Today, my life looks a lot different.

By investing in financial coaching in 2015, my husband and I made a remarkable amount of progress in five years. I’m so proud of all that we’ve accomplished financially and emotionally, all while enjoying our money too. Now our friends and family get to leave heart emojis when we post photos of ourselves enjoying traveling the world.

At one point, I didn’t believe most of our dreams were possible. Financial coaching showed me that not only were they possible – they weren’t that far out of reach. The same goes for you. And that’s why I am a financial coach. I want you to see the possibilities too and get to do all the things you want to do. Even the ones that seem out of reach right now. The thing is they’re not. I cannot wait to show you how much closer you are than you think.