Fiscal Fitness Phoenix Financial Coach Jill Emanuel

Jill Emanuel

Lead Financial Coach

I began my professional career as a clinical pharmacist, having gone into the medical profession because I had a desire to help people. After my husband and I found ourselves on the verge of bankruptcy, we looked for help. We found Fiscal Fitness and experienced a life-changing shift in our financial lives once we started working with Kelsa. After we were taught a new method of dealing with money and experiencing its impact on our lives, I realized I wanted to help other people experience that same mental clarity around their finances.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that this was what I was meant to do. So I shifted careers from medicine to financial coaching. I decided the best way I could “help people” was by giving them the same gift I was given – financial stability and peace of mind. 

As the lead coach at Fiscal Fitness, I now help other people master their money through planning, budgeting, execution, and accountability. And I am on a mission to help others gain control of their finances and start living the life they dream of.