The Fiscal Fitness Podcast, Episode 30: Financial Coach Jill Emanuel talks about paying off $85k in two years and how it sparked her passion for financial coaching
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Jill Emanuel is our newest financial coach at Fiscal Fitness Phoenix. She started as a client of our nearly 5 years ago and had to drag her husband to their first session. In one week they were cash positive $1500, which was unheard of, and flash forward two years later and they paid off nearly $85,000 in debt! She found her passion for financial coaching after going through her journey with Kelsa and knew she wanted to help other people feel the same way she felt.

If you are looking to get ahold of your personal finances, pay off debt or reach your financial goals with gusto, she goes over some of her amazing insight that will definitely hit home for you.

If you are a person that feels you would love to become a financial coach but don’t know where to start, don’t know how to start or don’t think that you can make a career change, she will tell you how she did it and tell you it can be done!

You can contact Jill at Jill@fiscalfitnessphx.com

You can find out more about Fiscal Fitness Phoenix financial coaching here
You can find out more about Financial Coach Academy here

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