What is a Kolbe Index and Why Do We Use It?

We want to know your perfectly unique Kolbe index. Are you a Follow Through (like Coach Jaclyn), an Implementor, a Quick Start (like Coach Jill and Coach Kelsa), or a Fact Finder?  Actually, if you’re on this page, there is a good chance you’re a Fact Finder. 

What each of these action modes is and to what degree you are each of them, helps us figure out the best way to put together a plan for your money – one that takes into account your goals and how you most effectively take action.

Michael Dickey

Kolbe Certified Consultant

But first, you may be asking what is Kolbe?

Your Kolbe index measures your instinctive way of doing things. The result is called your method of operation or your Kolbe MO. It is the only validated assessment that measures a person’s conative strengths, which define the way you take action and your approach to productivity. Understanding your MO as your strength and leveraging it to do more in every aspect of your daily life – including money management – can lead to significant personal insights and growth. That is why Kolbe assessments are a standard part of our ongoing coaching. We are the only financial coaches in the business using Kolbe interpretations as a way to inform our coaching. At Fiscal Fitness, we believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach to budgeting, so a singular approach doesn’t work. Your Kolbe result will help us determine what your best budget looks like and how best to coach you.

Your Kolbe Assessment

The assessment itself is easy. It is a 20-minute, multiple-choice quiz that you take online at your convenience. Your results are shared with you, your coach, and Michael Dickey, FFP’s very own Certified Kolbe Consultant. An interpretation of your MO and Kolbe strengths are delivered to you by Michael, and it’s hard to explain how profound they can be until you’ve experienced them for yourself. And that’s mostly because Kolbe isn’t trying to improve you.  

Your Kolbe MO won’t change who you are. Your result explains who you are already.

Our Kolbe Results

Jill Emanuel’s Kolbe Profile

Kolbe Index: 

Kolbe MO: 
Initiating Quick Start

What Jill Thought About Her Kolbe Results: 

“I could more easily identity WHY I felt resistance to certain things or frustration/dissatisfaction. In my previous career, I was told for years, ‘But you’re so GOOD at this’, but I felt extremely dissatisfied. Knowing my Kolbe, it makes perfect sense to me. I was spending only the tiniest fraction of my life in my natural MO. It makes it much easier now to spot how I can shift my activities to bring much more joy and satisfaction to the things I do.”

Jaclyn Wise’s Kolbe Profile

Kolbe Index: 

Kolbe MO: 
Initiating Follow Through and Fact Finder

What Jaclyn Thought About Her Kolbe Results: 

“After seeing my results, I didn’t feel guilty for wanting to have my ducks in a row / solid plan (Follow Through) or wanting to feel like my questions were answered (Fact Finder) before tackling something. It helped me to see both of those as strengths instead of weaknesses and really helped me put a descriptor on some of the experiences I was having in certain areas of coaching, sales conversations, content creation, time management, and more..”

Kelsa Dickey’s Kolbe Profile

Kolbe Index: 

Kolbe MO: 
Initiating Quick Start

What Kelsa Thought About Her Kolbe Results: 

“My Kolbe results helped me understand why I excel in some areas of running my business, but more importantly, which areas I’m going to have gaps in or not enjoy. I’ve been able to find people and team members who take action in ways I don’t thanks to Kolbe.”

Michael Dickey’s Kolbe Profile

Kolbe Index: 

Kolbe MO: 
Initiating Quick Start

What Michael Thought About His Kolbe Results: 

“My Kolbe results totally validated my frustration when I was told to do something in a way that was different than how I naturally take action. Giving myself the freedom to be myself and problem solve in my natural way is the best gift I’ve ever given myself.”