Live the life you love.

Your Dream Architect Session awaits!

Key Wealth Management is on a mission to help our clients live a life they love. It’s not just about investments to us, it’s about total money management.

We want to help you plan your future and help you accomplish the aspirations you’ve always dreamed about. In order to help you prosper, we tend to ask tough questions such as “How much do you typically spend on a monthly basis or how much do you need annually to live a life you love?”

After a decade of sitting across the table from clients who responded with blank stares, quickly followed by embarrassment or overwhelm, I’ve decided to do something to help you feel empowered in this area of your life.

I am honored to partner with Fiscal Fitness Phoenix to help us design the foundational pieces of your money so it can be used as a tool to help you succeed long-term.

-Caitlyn Salloum, CFP®, AAMS®

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What to Expect from Your Dream Architect Session

For Individuals and Couples


One 2-hour session

For Business Owners


One 2.5-hour session

Upon scheduling your Dream Architect session, you will receive some prep work. Jill is going to ask that you send this back to her 48 business hours before your session because she is going to devise a budget even before the session begins. She will be creating this from the numbers you come up with based on your current spending habits as well as what you feel you can live with moving forward. During your session, you will set clear intentions of what you are going to be doing with your money and most importantly why. 

The second part of the Dream Session is spent on goals. Jill is going to help you to figure out which goal is the first priority for you, the second, and the third. Are you wanting to do renovations on your home, or purchase a new car or pay more towards your student loans or invest more in your business or retirement? Once she knows these priorities and knows your budget, she can help you gain awareness around how to project when these goals could be accomplished based on your personalized plan.

Jill will share your written blueprint with you after the session so you have a clear picture of what you created, your goals, the timeline, and any potential roadblocks. She will also share the blueprint with Key Wealth so we can support you too!

We cannot wait to help you get on a really amazing plan to help you accomplish your financial dreams!

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What You Get From A Dream Architect Session

  • Greater financial clarity and confidence

  • A review of any debt to ensure it’s being leveraged properly and makes sense

  • A blueprint of your short term income, expenses and goals along with the steps to implement and help you to achieve them

  • A budget that includes numbers for your lifestyle choices such as travel and gifts. We won’t tell you that you have to stop spending money on coffee. 

  • A savings strategy that leaves you feeling more confident

  • Control of the roller coaster ride of your day to day finances

Your dream team: Caitlyn Salloum and Jill Emanuel

Your Coach

Jill Emanuel

We are thrilled to announce that Jill Emanuel from Fiscal Fitness will be our dedicated Dream Architect.

She will be supporting you, as our client, with a plan for your daily money management, helping you craft a blueprint so you have clarity and intention with your money.

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Neither Key Wealth Management or Raymond James Financial Services are affiliated with Fiscal Fitness or Jill Emanuel.
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