Most people can agree that they can be more productive and organized in their life.  Demir at has found simple ways to hack your brain so that you are more productive, get more done in less time so you save money, get healthy and get your life back so you have time to do what is important to you!  His LifeHack Bootcamp is an 8-week program that teaches you how to achieve more with less time and effort, get and stay motivated and have fun doing it!

In this episode we chat about:

  • being a productive parent and how to get your kids to be productive
  • simple mind hacks to get you motivated to be more productive
  • ways to systematize your daily tasks and finances so there is no more guessing
  • how meal planning is one of the big foundations in saving money, saving time throughout the week and eating healthier
  • how to get your significant other to get as motivated to change as you are
  • And much more!

Demir is offering our listeners a free one-hour masterclass that encompasses the everyone’s favorite lessons from his full 8-week course.  Go to to get free instant access to the one hour workshop that will change your life!