Announcing the 2018 Saver and The Spender Meal Prep Challenge!!!  New rules… see below!

This is a little different than described on the podcast.  Kelsa and I decided that it should be a meal prep challenge only and not limit food choices to a real food/ paleo/ whole 30 type diet.  If you want to do so, please do.  If you want to just prepare meals with whatever recipes you like the most, that’s great.  We want to focus on the saving money aspect of meal prepping.

Meal prepping is a great way to save money and eat healthier.  When you meal prep you avoid spending a ton of money on eating out, you can buy in bulk and get a better price per unit and you are in control of what you put in your mouth as far as quality and quantity.

We are happy to announce a 6 week meal prep challenge starting January 1st, 2018!

You will need some inexpensive containers  (or here) so you can prep your meals with the proper portions.  Read below for the full details, rules, tips and make sure you listen to the Saver and The Spender episode 24 with Dr. Mike Simon who goes over his personal experiences and his clients’ experiences with meal prepping.  Mike and Michael did discuss a more strict nutrition guidelines but that has now changed to whatever recipes or nutrition plan you want to use.

Entry is $25 (+$1.50 to cover Paypay processing fees) as an accountability incentive and all entries (minus Paypal fee) will go right back in to the kitty. Prize structure is described below.


January 1st – February 11th

Registration is open until December 31st at 12pm Arizona Time.

$25 (+$1.50 to cover PayPal Processing fees)

How to register and participate:

This challenge is going to, first and foremost, be a budget “reset” to hopefully allow everyone to get back on track after the holidays.  This is not simply a weight loss challenge. It is for anyone looking to save money on their grocery budget as well as see positive changes in their exercise performance, energy levels, body fat percentage, body weight and biomarkers, amongst many other things.

The best practice for meal prepping is to plan your meals with your favorite bulk recipes , shop and prepare all your meals for the week on Sunday.  Check out the below video of the Podcast with Dr. Mike Simon on meal prepping.

Here are some more resources for tips and tricks for meal prepping:






All entry fees will towards the final winning payout.  Prize payouts will be determined by number of participants as follows:

Prize Payout
Number of Participants 1-10 11-20 21+
1st 50% 50% 40%
2nd 30% 25% 25%
3rd 20% 15% 20%
4th 10% 10%
5th  5%

Winners will be determined by a total point system outlined below and announced on February 12th, 2018.  Everything is based on an honor system so please be honest in your reporting.  Everyday you will log your points on a community Google Sheets file (similar to Excel).  It is visible to all participants to keep people on the honor system and for team accountability.


3 Points:  Perfect day of eating.  No eating out and you stuck to your meal plan.  If you are sticking to a particular diet you were perfect.

2 Points:  Minor slip. You purchased or ate something not in your meal plan but it wasn’t a full meal.

1 Point:  Major slip, a full meal went bad.

0 Points:  Missed more than one meal, you were bad throughout the day.


Bonus points:

4 points: Posting your weekly grocery shopping total in the Facebook group on Sundays. (Please do so in the Google Sheets document too)
4 Point: Before the challenge starts, posting what your household spends on groceries every week, on average, in the Facebook group.  You must also post this, plus the number of people you shop for groceries, in the Google Sheets document.
1 Point: (per week) Post picture of your prepped meals
1 Points: You use grocery pick up or delivery
1 Point: Posting in the Facebook group the best deals or price comparisons, wins, recipes and any other tips you find while shopping (any time). (1 point per post)
1 Point: You exercised or are active for at least 30 minutes that day.  We want your heart rate to get elevated and for you to sweat (or glisten) just a little.
1 Point: (Per week) For posting a picture in the FB group of your kitchen mess post meal prep and a picture of your kitchen once you have cleaned it.
If a tiebreaker is needed it will be based on:
1.  Difference in average weekly grocery bill before the challenge compared to average during challenge. (Highest wins)
2.  Average spent on groceries per week per person in household during the challenge. (Lowest wins)


Meetings: Facebook Live! in The Saver and The Spender Facebook Group
Every Sunday we will go Live via Facebook to discuss how the past week went and prepare for the next week ahead. These meetings will last about 30 minutes and take place at noon Arizona time on the following Sundays:

Jan. 7th

Jan. 14th

Jan. 21st

Jan 28th

Feb 4th

Feb 11th Final wrap up!