Say Hello To Niyani

We are so excited to have the amazing Niyani Armstrong join Fiscal Fitness Phoenix as our newest financial coach.

That’s right. We now have four financial coaches to help you unlock your financial greatness. Niyani is joining us officially this month, but we’ve know about Niyani since 2019. We’ve watched her bloom and grow as a financial coach and business owner. She’s rocked it on her own, and we are looking forward to all the growth and value that Niyani will bring to the team.

We recently sat down to chat with Niyani and asked her a few questions that will help you to get to know her a little better. We are sure that you will fall in love with her just like we did!

Q: How did you get into financial coaching?

When my husband and I got married, we both had really good paying jobs. And we wound up having this mentality of, “We know money is always coming to us, so let’s just put on a credit card and figure it out later.” Or we said, “Let’s just add that minimum payment and figure the rest out later.” 

We got to the point very, very early on into our marriage where we were putting literally everything on a credit card. We had three car payments, were drowning in debt and negative $1,400 every single month. 

At the time, I was pregnant, and my husband had to pick up a ton of extra shifts. It was just a really difficult time for us because we were always taught that we were supposed to struggle living in America, like that’s just the way life is. Yet, I felt like there was so much more than struggling every single day just to get by.

I started researching online how to pay off debt and different methods to help our family get into a better financial position. The things that I found were very conflicting. But the things I found that were great and actually helpful, I would share with my friends and family. They would say things like, “Wow, I never knew that”. It was like a revolution to them. I was stunned that people actually didn’t know these things. It was just me.

I realized that there’s so much more for our lives than to live paycheck-to-paycheck, and we could step into this reality of true financial freedom. That is when I started thinking about how I can coach people to have the same transformation I had. 

My husband and I wound up paying off that debt in two years, on only my husband’s salary. 

Once we were debt free, I understood that this journey to freedom was absolutely incredible. I want everyone else to experience that. That’s what gave me the passion to help others see the same thing – that they can actually achieve the same type of financial freedom that I’ve been able to achieve.

Q: What’s your favorite thing a client has ever said to you?

I always love when clients say, “This transformation is worth its weight in gold. I would pay you 10 times to experience this transformation.” And it’s not because of the money aspect, but really just because they see so much value in my coaching. That tells me that they’re experiencing true transformation.

Q: Why are you good at your job?

I am good at my job because of my personal experience. I have empathy toward my clients because I know what it’s like to be financially strapped. And I also know what it’s like to be financially free. I’m able to bridge that gap and relate to them where they are while also pushing them to where they want to be. 

I also have invested heavily into myself. So ever since the beginning of my business, I have constantly invested in different courses and programs and mentorships and coaches. That’s how I found Fiscal Fitness and was able to be mentored by Coach Jill. 

That has really allowed me to expand my knowledge in financial coaching and even physiologically the way we think and the way our brains work. I’m able to apply all of that knowledge into my coaching sessions every single day. I know that that’s a huge part of what makes me good at what I do. I am constantly learning.

Q: What drew you to working at FFP?

I have such a desire and a drive to help people achieve financial freedom. It is such a strong desire that it would keep me up at night. Like it just fires me up in the best way and gets me so excited!

I’ve been a spectator of Fiscal Fitness for the past three years almost, and I’ve just always been in awe of the heart behind this business. I’ve always resonated with the motives and core of the Fiscal Fitness mission. So when I heard that there was a job opening, I just felt in my heart that this is where I belong.

I wanted to work alongside like- minded people who have the same heart, the same desire, and who want the same outcome for their clients. I saw Fiscal Fitness growing from the outside, and I just wanted to be a part of that and, and help to really catapult that success.

It was obviously bittersweet to close down my business and to take up another opportunity, but I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way. The level of support that I’ve already received and the level of support that I know that now I can give my clients has increased tenfold because Fiscal Fitness is such an established and an amazing organization.

Q: What’s something someone might be surprised to know about you?

I actually wanted to have a career in personal training for a little while. I would say between the ages of like 17 to 19 because at that time I was going to the gym so often. I had gotten really heavily into nutrition and working out, so I was like, “Hey, I wanna help people have these transformations as well.” That’s probably something that you wouldn’t be able to tell just by looking at me.

Q: When not working, you like to do these three things:

As a mom of four, I don’t get a TON of time to myself, but when I do I love to sneak out for a (within the budget) shopping trip and treat myself to some shoes. I also love cooking, which comes in handy since I’ve got a bunch of mouths to feed. My kids love it when I make my famous pasta bolognese with garlic bread and a ceasar salad on the side. I find a lot of peace and relaxation in music too. I love singing and playing gospel music on the piano, but I’ll play classical and contemporary songs too. 

Isn’t Niyani great? We love her. We hope you will too.

Niyani is ready to coach you today! If you’d like to work with Niyani or want to see if financial coaching is right for you, you can schedule a free Q&A call with her here. Or if you’re ready to get a plan that puts it all together, schedule a Eureka session with Niyani here