Meet Embo Tshimanga, Fiscal Fitness’ newest team member and our Client Journey and Team Coordinator Specialist. She joined the team this month, and we were SO excited when she said yes and made it official!

Get to know a little more about the dynamic, amazing Embo below. 

What’s your title at FFP?

I am the new Client Journey & Team Coordination Specialist!

What degrees or certifications do you have?

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Studies with concentrations in Communications, HR, and Leadership from University of North Texas. I am currently obtaining my MBA in Human Resources Management and Organizational Behavior.

Describe your top three job responsibilities at Fiscal Fitness.

I provide excellent client support, am the self-proclaimed “office ringleader,” and am an efficiency extraordinaire!

Why are you good at your job?

I love people and I love organizing all the things. I come alive behind the scenes and on the stage, ensuring all are set up for success. Having fun while doing so is my favorite thing.

What drew you to working at Fiscal Fitness?

There are far too many people telling us what NOT to do with our money when what we really need to know is what TO do with our money. Fiscal Fitness gives the guardrails to financial freedom, not gate keep financial freedom. Financial illiteracy is something I’m personally familiar with and have seen with others. This simply should not be the case. Money matters. 

To play a role in folks becoming financially literate and financially free is a dream! Also, working remotely has unlocked a world where leggings are the best. Lifechanging!

What’s one thing someone might be surprised to know about you?

I aged out of foster care and am among the 3% former foster youth in the U.S. to graduate college.

When not working, you like to do these three things:

  1. Be a pop culture aficionado.
  2. Go to the gym. 
  3. Listen to podcasts

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Embo to the team and can’t wait to see how she helps to grow and improve. If you’re interested in learning more about the FFP team, head on over to this page to see all of our smiling faces.