The Fiscal Fitness Team

We love what we do. Getting to coach people to become masters of their money is our passion and our life’s work. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Fiscal Fitness was born out of a passion to help people stop feeling like they were controlled by their money. We strive to make every client who comes to us know they have the power to transform their lives and take control of their finances.  What began as a side hustle for Kelsa almost a decade ago has grown into a business that helps hundreds of clients every year gain clarity, purpose and peace of mind about their money.

Kelsa Dickey, Owner and Founder of Fiscal Fitness Phoenix

Kelsa Dickey

Owner and CEO

When I was a senior in high school, a college recruiter came to my school and asked me what I wanted to do with my life. I replied, “I want to help people with their money.” To which he replied, “You should become a financial advisor.”

I went to school and received a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, earned the appropriate licenses to practice as a financial advisor (Series 7 and 66 and Health, Life and Disability) and then did so for 3 years. I was a financial advisor when I realized something: There are a lot of people who need help with today’s finances, not tomorrow’s. Financial advisors help you plan long-term, but what about the bill you just received in the mail today?

I went back to school, earned my MBA, and began working in Corporate Finance & Accounting for the next 7 years. During that time, I would help friends and family with managing their money and discovered it was still my passion. Eventually, I was spending every day after work and all day on Saturdays helping people set financial goals, get clear about their expenses and expenditures and create realistic, livable budgets. I realized it was time to leave corporate America and start my new career as a financial coach.

When I told my friends and family that I was going to become a financial coach full-time, just about everyone said the same thing: “It’s about time.” People knew long before I did that this was what I was meant to do.

I have never regretted my decision. I feel truly fortunate that I get to spend my working days doing the thing I’m most passionate about – helping people plan for and create the lives they want to live.

Our coaches will never say they’re perfect:
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Kelsa Dickey, Owner and Founder of Fiscal Fitness Phoenix

Jill Emanuel

Lead Financial Coach

I began my professional career as a clinical pharmacist, having gone into the medical profession because I had a desire to help people. After my husband and I found ourselves on the verge of bankruptcy, we looked for help. We found Fiscal Fitness and experienced a life-changing shift in our financial lives once we started working with Kelsa. After we were taught a new method of dealing with money and experiencing its impact on our lives, I realized I wanted to help other people experience that same mental clarity around their finances.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that this was what I was meant to do. So I shifted careers from medicine to financial coaching. I decided the best way I could “help people” was by giving them the same gift I was given – financial stability and peace of mind. 

As the lead coach at Fiscal Fitness, I now help other people master their money through planning, budgeting, execution, and accountability. And I am on a mission to help others gain control of their finances and start living the life they dream of.

Our coaches will never say they’re perfect:
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Coach Jill’s Top Five Money Mistakes

Ohio Financial Coach Jaclyn Wise

Jaclyn Wise

Financial Coach

You would think a former math teacher would be a natural budgeter. I taught middle school math for 11 years but was a mess when it came to budgeting and balancing my own checkbook. Once I started making “real” money, I thought my finance worries would be solved. I was wrong. Six years after graduating from college, I was still living paycheck-to-paycheck and feeling extremely jealous whenever my friends posted pictures on Facebook of themselves enjoying vacations in exotic places. I cringed when 866 numbers popped up on my phone letting me know I missed another payment. I scrutinized and agonized over every purchase I made, big and small. Money made me feel all the wrong feelings. 

That was years ago. Today, my life looks a lot different. 

By investing in financial coaching in 2015, my husband and I made a remarkable amount of progress in five years. I’m so proud of all that we’ve accomplished financially and emotionally, all while enjoying our money too. Now our friends and family get to leave heart emojis when we post photos of ourselves enjoying traveling the world.

At one point, I didn’t believe most of our dreams were possible. Financial coaching showed me that not only were they possible – they weren’t that far out of reach. The same goes for you. And that’s why I am a financial coach. I want you to see the possibilities too and get to do all the things you want to do. Even the ones that seem out of reach right now. The thing is they’re not. I cannot wait to show you how much closer you are than you think. 

Our coaches will never say they’re perfect:
Listen to
Coach Jaclyn’s Top Five Money Mistakes

Michael Dickey

Owner and Director of Leadership

I didn’t start my career as a financial coach. Much like Jill, my former profession had nothing to do with finances or budgeting. True story: When Kelsa and I were dating in college, she started balancing my checkbook after I overdrew my account a couple of times. I was a Certified Athletic Trainer for 15 years – including a short stint with the Harlem Globetrotters – before I jumped into coaching with Kelsa.  I immersed myself in financial knowledge, literature, and training once I decided to make the leap, all the while getting hands-on experience with the best financial coach I know (my wife, of course).

Today, I lead the Fiscal Fitness Corporate Wellness Program – teaching small and large groups of employees “how to do all this money stuff.” My passion is in showing employers just how easy and beneficial it can be for them to truly support their employees in financial education and empowerment. I also am the executive producer and host of The Fiscal Fitness Podcast, 

I am also a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant. We use the Kolbe Theory™ to help our clients understand their innate instincts and how they take action to create a customized budget and strategy. You can learn more about The Kolbe Theory™ here and watch a video about the concept here.

Erica Rivera

Client Concierge and Office Business Manager

When you call Fiscal Fitness, my voice is likely the one to say hello and how can I help you. As the Client Concierge and Office Business Manager, my main job is making sure our clients feel informed and satisfied with their experience with Fiscal Fitness – pretty much handling any of the non-financial things that might come up. In addition, I keep things running smoothly by answering questions, keeping schedules and accounts straight, and implementing processes that make everything we do easier and better.

I joined Fiscal Fitness in 2020 and was immediately drawn to how cohesive the team was and the work they are doing. Not to mention, the skill set I possessed from previous jobs was eerily in line with what I wanted and what I’m capable of. I am a time management and efficiency master – the kind of person who can do 20 tasks at once and, generally, in less time than others. I love being the behind-the-scenes person that is stealthily keeping everything and everyone moving forward effectively. And that’s exactly what the team needed.

When I’m not at Fiscal Fitness, I love traveling (I’ve been to more than 20 countries), taking photos (my dog is my favorite subject), and playing fastpitch softball – never slow pitch. I’ve been playing since I was five, and I can’t get enough. I even created my own women’s fastpitch league in Chicago so I could play for two seasons while I lived there. I’m a military spouse, and my and my husband’s time in South Korea was my favorite so far.

Amy Royce

Director of Marketing

I didn’t want to be a marketer when I grew up. I thought marketers were people who said whatever they had to say to make a sale. I never wanted to be associated with a profession that profited from lies. It’s why in college I studied journalism. Journalism was about uncovering and telling truths.

To this day, I still love words, the power they hold, and the way they can give a voice to our needs. And over time, I’ve unraveled some beliefs I once held about marketing. I now see marketing as a service. It’s not about tricking people into buying. It’s a way for brands and companies to help the people who need help to find them. Joining the Fiscal Fitness team has meant empowering people to see that they can plan ahead and be in control of their money. (It is what our coaches do better than anyone else. Yes, I’m biased). And that is a marketing message I love spreading far and wide.

When I’m not typing away on my laptop, you can find me chasing (or running away from) my two young boys, binging podcasts, walking my dog, binging podcasts while walking my dog, or doing research for the novel I’m working on. I’ve never had a Malbec, breakfast food, or marketing discussion I didn’t like.

Carmen and Alex

Future Financial Coaches

Carmen is the perfect blend of both her daddy and mommy. She’s laid back like her dad, but a bit of a determined, perfectionist like her mom. And she’s full of life, like them both. Alex officially became a member of the family in 2019, but it’s hard to remember what life was like pre-Alex. He’s smart, silly, and like most toddlers, very active. Carmen and Alex are the reason Kelsa and Michael work so hard, and the main reason they like to step away from the office too.

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