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About Fiscal Fitness

Fiscal Fitness is your personal trainer for your money. We bring the power of personalization and forward-thinking planning into financial coaching, handcrafting a ‘Money Masterplan’ that is as unique as you are.

Unlike traditional financial services, we center our strategies around your excitement and enthusiasm, creating a sustainable path to financial success that aligns with your values, goals, and lifestyle.

Embrace the Fiscal Fitness journey and transform the way you see, save, and spend your money. Because with us, your financial fitness is more than just numbers – it’s about living and loving your life.

Hi, I'm Kelsa!

In 2008 I sent an email to my friends, family and early day “clients.” (I say “clients” but at the time, I just saw them as the people I sat around my dining room table with while we talked about their money).

The email went something like this…

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A number of people responded saying:

“It’s about damn time Kelsa!”

It seems everyone knew long before I did that this was what I was meant to do with my life.

I am a financial coach. It’s who I am. And I love it even more today than when I first started.

My passion for this work stems from my own journey with money. It wasn’t always easy and I didn’t always have it figured out.

But once I did, everything changed for the better.

And now I get to help others experience that same transformation in their own lives.

We don’t just teach sound money principles, we embody them.

That’s how we know they work.

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Meet The Team

Kelsa (2)

Kelsa Dickey

CEO & Money Coach

“When it came to personal finance, I was more educated than most people, yet I was still struggling to make sense of it all. "

Jaclyn (2)

Jaclyn Wise

Money Coach

“I’m having a blast with money, and John? Well, he’s still just as chill about it today as he was when money was tight.”

Jill (2)

Jill Emanuel

Money Coach

“I felt so alone – like the weight and pressure was all on my shoulders. But I also know that he felt helpless – he didn’t know how to fix it either.”

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Why Choose Us

Every coach on the Fiscal Fitness PHX team has a passion for this work that stems from their own unique journey of once being financially stressed and overwhelmed to now feeling financially confident and in control.

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