Modern Men's Retreat

Remember when making new friends was as easy as kicking the kickball a little too hard (totally on purpose, of course – how else were you gonna meet the new kid?!) and inviting that kid who ran it back to join in?

With a single epic kick, you watched that bright red rubber ball fly toward your future friend, knowing that if you could just invite them to join you, you’d have a new member of your “crew” – another buddy that you could ask to join in as you played games at recess or someone to partner with on a “group” project.

And if you were really lucky, that “kickball” friend grew into a trusted confidante that you could share secrets with. But you grew up. He moved away.

And you’re not in 3rd grade anymore. What used to be simple…isn’t.

As we get older, those simple, easy relationships just get more complicated. “Just playing kickball” takes a lot more forethought…and the arranging of calendars as you work to navigate the things that we have to navigate as men:


You have a list of “future” goals, and self-improvement has been at the top for a LOOOOONG time, but you just don’t have the bandwidth to take anything else on 


Your current friends are great – but the relationships you have with them are largely superficial, and you want deeper relationships with other guys who share your passions and values


You recognize the need for solid male friends, but between work and home and all the other commitments you have, you don’t often find time to connect or even just “hang out”

…and that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. I mean, we haven’t even talked about the fact that…


Work projects now have deadlines that cannot be missed


Hiring a new employee is taking more time than you expected


Your family is growing, and you have to arrange schedules with your partner so that everyone gets to where they need to be


You lead a team – and you’re hyperaware that they’re always watching

…and (as if that weren’t enough) your “free” time isn’t really free – you have to mow the lawn, fix the leaky faucet, and prep for that team meeting you’re running tomorrow.

What if you want to work on…you? On being a better husband? A better partner? A better father? A better leader?

…there aren’t a lot of opportunities designed to support those goals. At least there weren’t until March of last year. Your quest to become a better husband, partner, father, friend, and leader shouldn’t have to be a solo journey. 

Announcing the second annual…

Modern Men’s Retreat

Camaraderie. Bonding. Personal Growth.

If you…


Want to be better — a better father, husband, partner, boss, leader 


Wish you could meet other guys that you can be vulnerable with — who you can count on to talk about more than the latest changes to the current College Sports Bracket (no shade here – we love sports, but we also love personal development)


Know firsthand how hard it is to make “grown-up” friends (‘cause now that we’re over 18, kicking a ball at someone’s head could involve flashing lights & hard time)


Enjoy tropical settings, whale watching, being active, & trying new things (and new tequilas!)

Then you should definitely join us:

“Having space and separation from my normal day-to-day was exactly what I needed. I got more out of this retreat than I have from any guy’s trips or business classes that I’ve taken. My wife wants me to do this more often because I came home more relaxed than I’ve been in years!”

~ Rob

“Watching those whales crest was incredible — but so was having the opportunity to spend time with other like-minded guys who want to be open and vulnerable. This openness allowed for much deeper, more meaningful conversations.”

~ Andrew

“I was able to really focus on the things that I’d been struggling with. Talking through the benefits of time blocking and journaling (who knew!?) have helped me get clear about my goals, and the framework Michael provided has helped me to follow through. I also really enjoyed spending time with the guys.”

~ Josh

This is your chance to create real, meaningful connections with other guys who are just like you — they’re dads, uncles, brothers, husbands, & partners. The relationships that are formed during the Modern Men’s Retreat are not “going out for a beer during the game” friendships – though you may do that at some point.

The Retreat is designed to support your personal growth so that you can be a better, well, you.

Meet Michael

Hi there, I’m Michael Dickey. You may have heard of my amazing wife, Kelsa, founder of Fiscal Fitness PHX & The Financial Coach Academy® (I’m really freaking proud of her), which we run together.

After spending 15 years as a Certified Athletic Trainer, I became interested in learning more about money – both the technical aspects as well as the behavioral patterns that are intertwined with financial decisions.

This led me to Kolbe Theory™, which is designed to help people uncover their innate instincts, which help them make better decisions, become more productive, and stop doing the things that they shouldn’t be doing (yes, it’s totally possible).

Today, I provide guidance, insight, and support for business owners and leaders through my Zone of Genius Coaching programs and intensives, and the Modern Men’s Retreat.

Over the course of 4 days, you will:


Connect with like-minded guys, husbands, dads, uncles, and brothers on a deeper level your buddies who only want to talk about sports and beer.


Identify your Zone of Genius


Discover how you can focus on the things that excite and energize you as you delegate, delete or just do the shit that drains you your own way


Take time to relax, be alone, re-energize, and work on your mental health


Experience a whale-watching tour with food (and an open bar!), guided beach yoga, a traditional cacao ceremony on the beach, & a tequila tasting in the heart of Cabo

At the heart of the 2024 Modern Men’s Retreat is a transformative concept:

Zone of Genius Coaching

I’ve spent more than 4 years as a personal growth coach and leadership expert, and I’m excited to help you uncover your innate strengths, passions, and areas of excellence during the retreat using both your Kolbe™ results & Zone of Genius Coaching. 

Cool…but, um, what exactly is “Zone of Genius Coaching?”

Zone of Genius Coaching is a dynamic, powerful coaching method designed tap into your natural talents, the things that make you come alive, and learning how to use those talents to navigate your life — both at work and everywhere else. Through introspection, guidance, and practical strategies, Zone of Genius Coaching will help you reclaim control over your personal and professional trajectory.

Let’s get real — in a world where the expectations of “masculinity” means being a manly man (nothing wrong with that!) who nothing phases, it’s no surprise that a lot of guys end up stifling their vulnerability and authenticity. And that’s what Zone of Genius Coaching is designed to support — it offers a safe space for guys like you to redefine success on your terms. 

Get ready to…

Reclaim Your Motivation & Energy

Stop doing things that drain you & learn how to to focus on the things that you excel at.

Break Free from Overwhelm and Stress

Fact: being an adult (not to mention a guy) is stressful. Learn how to delegate, delete, or do the things that drain you your way.

Embrace Creativity and Inspiration

Discover the types of tasks + opportunities that are naturally aligned with your strengths.

Boost Efficiency and Triumph Over Challenges

Discover effective strategies that you can use to overcome obstacles & enhance your efficiency.

Find Fulfillment and Break Through Barriers

Shatter self-limiting stories & beliefs so that you can enjoy a fulfilling personal and professional life.

Conquer Procrastination and Unlock Growth

Unlock tools designed to support you as you overcome resistance & tackle challenges head-on.

Living outside your zone of genius leads to a disconnect from your core values and purpose.

At the Modern Men’s Retreat, we’ll gather collectively for Zone of Genius coaching & guidance, so that you can re-align with your authentic self.

Break free from limitations, embrace your strengths, and rewrite the narrative of what it means to be a successful and fulfilled man:

Please note: The Modern Men’s Retreat welcomes guys who value open-mindedness and vulnerability. It’s not about denying masculinity; it’s about embracing authenticity. This retreat isn’t tailored for closed-off cynics; it’s for men committed to self-care, self-improvement, equity, and equality. If these concepts make you uneasy, this might not be your fit.

That being said, if you’re curious about this “personal development” stuff, we would love to have you join our interest list, where we’ll be sharing opportunities, tips, tools, and even some good reads that you may find insightful. CLICK HERE to get on the list.

When you join us for the Modern Men’s Retreat, you’ll enjoy:


Your Zone of Genius + How to Leverage It In Your Daily Life (a $2000+ Value)


Your Kolbe™ A Index Results + What the Results Actually Mean (a $2000 value)


Private chef curated meals and hand crafted drinks with butler service (a $1400 value)


Excursions featuring whale watching tour (with open bar and food), instructor led beach yoga, a traditional cacao ceremony on the beach, tequila tasting, and more… (a $500 value)


4 Pre-Retreat Group Zoom Sessions + 4 Quarterly “Catch Up” Calls, hosted by Michael, After the Retreat (a $499 value)


Private 2024 Modern Men’s Retreat Whatsapp Channel (a $249 value)

Plus, you’ll enjoy your very own private room at our luxury corner Penthouse, pre-planned excursions, intentional downtime so that you can focus on yourself, delicious (private chef-prepared!) food, and more!

That’s a $6,648.00+ value. But you can join us at the 2024
Modern Men’s Retreat for only $2800.

Modern Men's Retreat

The Details

When: January 25th through 28th, 2024

Where: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

What’s Included: Chef-prepared meals + a few stops at (delicious!) local eateries, excursions, & a tequila tasting + small group Zone of Genius Coaching Intensive + a private room at a luxury corner penthouse. 

The Investment: 1 payment of $2800 or 2 payments of $1540


Please note that transportation to and from Cabo & the Penthouse are not included as part of the Retreat.

We only have 4 attendee spots, so don’t wait.
Apply to join us in Cabo today.