Season 1 Worksheets

Episode 1: 10 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before a BIG Financial Decision

Whatever your purchase, when you’re about to make a large financial investment, the most common thing to do is to create a pros/cons list…but in our experience (as financial coaches and human beings), a list that only looks at pros and cons is quite limiting. Which is why we recommend that you examine your BIG decision through a different lens that allows you to think through the reasons behind your choice, as well as examine what impact the BIG decision will have on your life and your finances.

Episode 2: How to Prepare for Financial “Whammies”

When you make a big decision — like moving or taking a vacation — you’re likely super excited about it. And you’ve likely planned for it. But. What happens when you’ve planned, but unexpected things still happen? We’ve got some super simple things you can do to plan ahead so that you can make the move, take the opportunity, and reduce the impact of any “whammies” that pop up unexpectedly.

Episode 3: Why a Program Subscription Model Will Increase Your Fitness and/or Nutrition Coaching Model

If you own a business, you know that one of the largest areas of stress is financial predictability. And if you’re a coach, having that unpredictable income can be really, really stressful. Join us and learn what you can do to create income predictability so that you can actually pay yourself (on a regular basis!), and more easily scale your business.

Episode 4: Creating Your Perfect Program Offer

If you’ve been thinking about creating a program that you can offer to your clients to not only better serve them, but also make sure that you have income predictability, then get excited because we’re going to share our process for doing just that.

From Corporate Grind to Island Paradise: The Transformational Power of Financial Coaching

Meet a determined couple who turned their dreams of early retirement into reality by investing in financial coaching with Fiscal Fitness PHX. This dynamic duo had experience with online training and dreamed of leaving the concrete jungle of NYC so that they could live & work from a beach.

Season 2 Worksheets

Episode 1: New Idea Financial Strategy Guide

We believe one of the BEST ways to try out a new idea is to “test it out” before going “all in”. But how can you do this effectively? What does “testing” something out actually mean in a practical way? This 5 Minute Money Move will give you the perspective to bring into testing out any new idea AND we’re giving you a New Idea Strategy Guide to help you think things through!


Episode 2: Financial Decision Self-Assessment

Once you’ve tested out a new idea and are ready to jump in full force, it’s time to more heavily invest in bringing it to reality. This phase likely requires more time, energy and financial commitment than the testing phase did. When you move into this phase of making your goal a reality it helps to have a clear process for thinking through the financial decisions that come with it. That’s why we created a Financial Decision Self-Assessment that will help you make the very BEST decisions for yourself!

Episode 3: Refine Your Money Plan

No financial plan is ever written in stone. And the plan that got you started will not get you where you are going. There is always a need for refinement along the way. As you progress towards your goal, or even as you start living it – you will realize that there are new things that you didn’t think of when you created your financial plan in the first place. This 5 Minute Money Move will help you refine your plan along the way, to ensure you don’t find yourself trying to stick to a plan that simply doesn’t work for your new stage of life. 

Episode 4: Create Scale and Leverage

Once you have achieved a goal or milestone you are working towards the journey isn’t over. In fact, growing comes with its own challenges. Oftentimes when we grow to a new level, we uncover a whole new set of problems or new skills that we have to gain. We begin to discover how much more there is to know that we didn’t even know existed before we reached this current level. 

A Nurse Practitioner’s Path to Success: How Molly Turned Her Side Hustle into a Thriving Business

Meet Molly, a nurse practitioner, and single mom to three amazing kids. Her career was demanding, often stretching her workdays to the limit.

Molly wanted nothing more than to have more time with her children and had an idea for a business that could make that happen. But pursuing her business idea would mean stepping away from the security and safety of her current job, which gave her family financial stability.