Wouldn’t it be nice if we just woke up one day…and all of the money stress you’re currently under was just…gone?

Your bills? Automatically paid.

Your retirement? Funded.

Your business savings? You’ve got 12 months stashed away.

If only your money could just manage itself…

But you and I know that your money working for you only goes so far –  you need to understand how money works and (most importantly) how to train it to work harder for you so that you can reach your “right now” goals (like paying off that one credit card) and move on to your “BIG” money goals (like a lake house or vacation home).

For us, managing your money is like deciding to join the gym – purchasing your membership did not automatically make you Miss or Mister Olympia. Your new Running shoes didn’t make you win the marathon. Your new weightlifting belt won’t automatically allow you to smash the record.

But when you know what to focus on and you create a training plan…that is what causes your GAINS.

Which is why we’re going to pull back the curtain from our $7-Figure Financial Coaching Business to help you understand not only your money but also identify the challenges that our clients have to confront and overcome as they work to master their money.

We are not here to lecture, we are here to COACH. And as financial coaches, helping our clients understand their money is only part of what we do. We also support them as they address things like mindset issues, action-taking, cash management, and more.

Oh, and if you’re curious about what it takes to do all of that, we’re also going to share exactly what it takes to manage a financial coaching business (one with contractors and employees) that coaches individuals, couples, and businesses.

We’re going to share a single client story over a period of 4 episodes, starting with their challenge, the coaching that helps them change their mindset and habits, the hurdles they face, and (our favorite) their wins.

Add to that the inter-dynamics of a business, running a team, being parents, making our workouts, and meeting our fitness goals. You’re gonna love it.


Join us, won’t you? 

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