The Fiscal Fitness Podcast, Episode 48: What is your ONE WORD for 2019
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How finding and declaring your ONE WORD for 2019 can set you up for success.

Research shows that resolutions are largely ineffective for making positive, sustainable change. Twenty-five percent of people break resolutions within one week and sixty-five percent break them within weeks. Selecting a word of the year can help us to embrace a larger vision that feels expansive and possible.

A single word is easier to remember than a whole list of goals and resolutions. Your “word of the year” anchors your daily life, helps you focus, guides the work you do, choices you make.

The benefits of choosing one word:

  1. Can feel more expansive than goals or resolutions.
  2. Can feel more inspirational vs instructional.
  3. Especially great for people who do not do well with structure, deadlines, or too many rules.
  4. Allows one to adjust their goals and resolutions as the year goes on – things can happen and change and having a single word can give you the flexibility you need.
  5. By having one word to guide my year, I found it easier to create goals and resolutions that aligned my whole approach for the year.

My “word of the year” anchors my daily life.

It helps me focus.

It guides the work I do, the choices I make, and the way I navigate my everyday. When I feel adrift, I remember my word of the year and come back to myself & my goals

Steps to find your Word of the Year for 2019

1. Reflect on areas of your life:

  • Your wellbeing
  • Your career/business
  • Your family
  • Your health
  • Work/life balance
  • Finances

2. Reflect on the type of person you want to become

  • Wealthier
  • Happier
  • Healthier
  • Dive deep into your soul

3. What are the characteristics of the person you want to become?

4. What do I want to change or gain in my life?

  • What is one thing I’d change about my life?
  • What is one thing I’d change about the way I spend my day?

5. Find a quote (or multiple) that embodies this word.

6. Trust your intuition

  • You don’t necessarily have to labor over this decision; you likely don’t need to turn this over in your mind a thousand times.

7. Now consider how you can apply this word to your whole life

“Supported”’ at home means something different than “supported” in your professional life. And “connected” to your body is different than being “connected” to your partner.

How does your word apply in the context of work? At home? Does it affect the way you move your body or the choices you make around food? Will it change the way you use technology?

When you take the time to imagine the way your word applies to all the areas of your life, you’re ready to make that word happen everywhere.

8. Fortify Your ONE WORD With Visibility, Repetition, and Accountability

One Word Ideas and Inspiration

Improve – Begin – Challenge – Wellness – Balance – Courage – Creativity – Evolve – Change – Heal – Release – Grow – Begin – Finish – Health – Truth – Expansion – Abundance – Connect – Abundant – Aligned – Balanced – Bliss – Congruent – Consistent – Creative – Depth – Desire – Devout – Divine – Educated – Enlightened – Fit – Forgiving – Free – Free-Spirited Game-Changing – Giving – Glowing – Gracious – Grateful – Gratitude – Happy – Healthy – Honest – Humbled – Journey – Joyful – Laser-Focused – Loving – Mindful Of Service – Open – Passion – Peaceful – Radiant – Sassy – Savvy – Sexy – Sexy – Smart – Soulful – Sparkle – Spiritual – Strong – Tenacious – Truth – Unstoppable – Vibrant – Wellness – Whole – Freedom – Revitalize – Complete – Whole – Design


Podcast Music by Annti Luode

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