Overcoming financial stress with the saver and the spender Episode 36: How can married couples get on the same page with their finances

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Jill Emanuel is the lead financial coach at Fiscal Fitness Phoenix and has an amazing story about how she and her husband were hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and on the verge of bankruptcy, to clients of ours for 5 years where they paid off their debt and found financial freedom.  She realized that she wanted other people to feel the same way about their finances and wanted to help by becoming a financial coach.  You may have heard Kelsa interview her in Episode 30.

In today’s episode Jill talks about how married couples (or couples that share their finances) can get on the same page so there are no more fights, stress goes down, everyone’s needs are met and the budget is just an afterthought. Since finances are one of, if not the leading causes of divorce, finding some simple solutions to have open communication between spouses, without judgment, is super important.

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