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How to Best Plan and Budget for Disney if You Have Kids or are a Kid At Heart

Stacy Ellis, Disney travel advisor

If you have kids, usually it’s not a matter of to Disney or not – it’s a matter of when. Whether you’ve never been to Disney or make it an annual pilgrimage like our very own Coach Jaclyn, this episode is for you. We brought in an expert to talk about ways to plan and budget for your perfect Disney vacation.

We talked with Stacy Ellis, a travel advisor for Key to the World Travel, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner. She’s been to Disney more than 16 times and loves helping families and Disney loving couples plan their best Disney trip.

Stacey’s Best Tips for Planning and Budgeting For Your Disney Vacation

In this episode, we discuss with Stacy:

  • The average cost for a family of four to Disneyland and Disney World
  • Figuring out your ideal Disney trip (everyone does Disney different)
  • Off season vs. peak season costs
  • How to plan in order to not blow your Disney budget
  • Staying on a Disney property to not
  • Planning decisions (what to pack, what to eat, what add-ons to buy)
  • Tips for doing Disney with little kids (Did you know kids under 3 are free?!?)

Stacy’s biggest and best piece of Disney travel advice for parents: Don’t wait until your kids are older. Take the trip as soon as you can and enjoy every moment.

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We talked to Stacy in March of 2021. We cover a lot of ground in this episode, but because of COVID current travel restrictions are changing, please be sure to check Disney’s official social media channels and websites to confirm park openings, restrictions, and availability.

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