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Get Ready to Shout Eureka with One-on-One Coaching

We see two common concerns from people who come to Fiscal Fitness: they are making ends meet but wish they could be doing more with their money, or they cannot make ends meet and want to find another way. Either way, we can help.

Think of us as your money strategists.

Our mission is to identify the main problem or challenge you are facing and then outline the solution. We will provide you with a clear action plan with a focus on achieving your personal financial goals. If you’re in debt and wish you could get out of it, we will devise and deliver a plan that eliminates your debt. If you simply want to have a path that clearly shows you where your money is going and where some simple life changes might make a big impact on your finances, we can create that too. Sometimes that plan is all someone needs, and yet others need extra motivation and help, so we follow through every step of the way.

You can feel more confident about your money.

You can get a handle on where your paychecks are going.

You can start saving toward that big bucket list item on your wish list.

If you want all of these things, you are ready for your Eureka moment.

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Kelsa Dickey, Financial Coach

Jill Emanuel, Financial Coach

The average amount of debt paid off by Fiscal Fitness clients is


The Eureka Session

The Eureka session is a one-on-one meeting with one of our financial coaches. During it, you will jump start your financial journey as you work through setting a budget and defining your big life goals.

During this session, you will:

  • Organize your expenses so there’s no more surprises

  • Create strategies for bill paying that’s quick and easy

  • Design a savings strategy that leaves you feeling secure

  • Tackle your debt and design a debt payoff strategy

  • Gain control of your money.  Stop winging it and create a plan.
  • Identify key challenges and priorities
  • Discover strengths and solutions​
  • Learn the first steps needed to achieve financial clarity and confidence

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What Our Eureka Clients Are Saying

Amazing experience that I cannot recommend enough! If you have pain in your life with money or just want someone to help you out, she is your lady. MIND BLOWN!

Johnathan, Phoenix, AZ

“Now I have a clearer idea as to how to better allocate my income. I feel more confident. You explained in great detail the steps to take, and I’ve already started to make some small, yet significant, changes! I feel infinitely less stressed when life happens.”

Heidi Byrd, Phoenix, AZ

“Now I have not only any idea of where my money is going versus where it should be going, but also understanding what steps to take to achieve my financial goals so they don’t remain dreams forever. I feel like I have steps I can take to make a difference in my finances.”

Samantha Olson, Newport, RI

“I loved that we talked about what I was doing right. And I love that the focus was on changes to make to improve not what I was doing wrong.”

Megan Hoover, Austin, TX

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