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It’s January of 2017 and there are a lot of things on our minds.  New years resolutions abound and for a lot of people taking control of their personal finances are top priority.  One thing you can do is start to plan the next year’s worth of gifts and holidays by creating a gift budget.  We just went through Christmas, Hannukah and Thanksgiving so the costs are pretty fresh in your head.  Because of this you can get a list of holiday expenses down on paper pretty easily. Here is a link to our free printable gift giving budget!  This will help you budget for gifts and holidays for the entire year and help you think about all the little things that you may not think of or forget about.  No more surprises or over spending on gifts you didn’t think about until it was too late.

Listen as we discuss how to budget for this year’s holidays and talk about a bunch of other financial topics, tips and tricks!


This week’s topics:
  • Child care is really expensive!  How do you not spend an arm and a leg?
  • How to budget for moving costs.
  • Budget for Christmas and other 2017 holidays now!
  • Carmen’s Corner: How to talk to your high schooler about financial responsibility before they go to college
  • Budget Brag: Learn how Matt and his family paid off a $25,000 family loan in one year!
  • And much more…

Here is the gift giving budget guide we talk about in the podcast:

Gift Buying Budgeting Guide

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