The Fiscal Fitness Podcast, Episode 33: An Interview with Bilingual Financial Life Coach, Rebeca Lima
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Rebeca Lima

In this episode of Overcoming Financial Stress with The Saver and The Spender, we talk with financial life coach Rebeca Lima, who grew up poor in Brazil. Which according to her, “third world poor is a lot different than American poor.”

She emigrated to the United States when she was a teenager and became fluent in Spanish and English, already natively speaking Portuguese.  After working in the financial industry for all of her adult life and having the heartbreaking experience of leaving a horrible relationship and living in her car, she wanted to dedicate her life to helping other people avoid having to live the same way.

She coaches men, women, and couples and specializes in coaching women that are climbing the corporate ladder or that work hard for themselves but feel like they always have “just enough” to hold them over until their next paycheck. She helps her clients with the practical and emotional side of money by budgeting, empowering them over their money mindset blocks and nurturing their new money habit and mindset within themselves and their relationships.

In this episode, we talk with Rebeca about the life experiences that made her want to become a financial life coach, the huge need she sees for bilingual financial coaches, the differences between the needs of English speaking and Spanish speaking clients, and her tips on how to become a financial coach.

If you are bilingual, have a passion for personal finance, have made a huge positive change in your personal finances and want to help people feel good about their money, you should consider becoming a financial coach.  Check out www.Financialcoachacademy.com to learn how we can take your passion and language skills and help you build your financial coaching business from the ground up.

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