Things are changing for us at The Saver and The Spender.

Don’t worry, all good things.  We’ve been really busy with our main financial coaching businesses, Fiscal Fitness Phoenix and Financial Coach Academy.

We’ve rolled out some amazing courses and added some amazing financial coaches so that we can help more people take the stress out of money. And with these changes we’ve been invigorated to do more with the podcast, be more consistent, add more voices and expertise and be more engaging and so, just like the Spiderman movie franchise, we are rebooting the podcast.

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Our mission is to take the stress out of money, and as the world-wide leaders in reducing financial stress, we feel a calling to change the name of the podcast from The Saver and The Spender to “Overcoming financial stress with The Saver and The Spender”.

What does financial stress mean to you?

What are you most stressed about when it comes to your finances?

On a scale of 0-10 (0 being no stress and 10 being absolutely overwhelmed), where are you in your financial journey right now?

Stay tuned because we already have some great episodes in the hopper for the next few weeks.