Refresh Your Wardrobe Using What You Already Have
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When you see all of the spring trends appearing in your favorite stores it’s tempting to want to buy a whole new spring wardrobe. If you’re on a budget, however, it’s smarter to do what I call “shopping your closet.”

refresh your wardrobe on a budget

Here are some ideas for giving your wardrobe a spring refresh using what you already have.

First, free up valuable real estate by moving any winter clothing out of your main closet.

Second, declutter your closet. I advise you to have an honest friend or loved one to help you out. Then take a look at everything you have and ask yourself:

Have I worn it in the last 12 months?

If you passed it over last spring–or never found an occasion to wear an item–you probably won’t this year, either.

Does it fit and flatter me?

Does the color and print suit you? Does it complement your figure? If you’re not sure, try it on.

Do I enjoy wearing it?

Are you comfortable wearing it? Is it “you?” Do you look in the mirror when you’re wearing it and like that you see? Life is too short for clothes you don’t love!

and maybe my favorite…

If I saw it in a store today, would I buy it?

If you don’t like that print anymore or the style seems outdated (or just not “you”), part with it.

Third, do the same for your dresser, too, from your pajamas and workout wear to your socks and underwear. Remember to declutter your accessories as well.

Fourth, donate or consign anything in good condition or swap with a stylish friend.

  1. Put everything in an order that makes sense for you. Maybe that’s by color. I usually recommend grouping things by type in this order: sleeveless tops, short-sleeve tops, long-sleeve tops, short skirts, short dresses, long skirts, long dresses, pants.
  2. Get inspired to wear what you have in new ways.

Fifth, pull it together. What are your favorite color combinations? Have you tried that mint green top with those pink shorts? As you do, think about…

What pieces do I need to complete my spring wardrobe?

Sometimes a floral or polka dot scarf is all you need to make two non-complementary pieces look like they go together. Maybe you need a new pair of metallic sandals to pull your new-to-you outfits together. Even your basic jeans and t shirts will look stylish with the addition of a trendy necklace.

Here are some spring basics that most wardrobes need:

t shirts in black, white and your “pop” colors
a peasant skirt
shorts and/or capris (2-3)
a light sweater or cardigan
camisoles in white, black and a few of your favorite colors (Costco has a four-pack)

Sixth, get on Pinterest and search for items you already own and love to find new ways to wearing it. Try “green cardigan outfit,” “black shorts outfit,” “yellow tee outfit” or “turquoise jeans outfit.” Add “outfit” or you’ll get mostly pins to where to buy the item instead of the images you want for inspiration.

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