Save or Spend?

Do you go spend money in order to make yourself feel better? If you’re having a bad day, do you spend a few bucks to boost your mood? If so, you may want to transfer money to savings instead!

According to an October study conducted by Ally Bank, “the more you save, the more likely you are to be happy.”

For more findings from the Ally Bank Money-and-Happiness Survey visit Straight Talk, the official Ally Bank blog.

As you can see, saving money positively impacts more people than habits such as exercises regularly, enjoying your work, or eating healthy.


This is the part that’s most incredible to me – Why does SAVING money make people feel HAPPIER than SPENDING it? According to those surveyed:

  • 90 percent say saving helps them face the unknown.
  • 90 percent say saving gives them peace of mind.
  • 87 percent say saving makes them feel proud.
  • 82 percent say saving lets them be independent.