Walmart Grocery Pickup ReviewAt Fiscal Fitness PHX our mission is to “take the stress out of money.”  One big stressor for everyone is grocery shopping.  Not only is it hard to stay within budget, let alone create a budget for groceries, it’s hard to make sure you are getting the lowestprices.  Also, time is an important factor for everyone and grocery shopping is never a fun way to spend your time.  So, what can you do to grocery shop, save money and time?  We have found that Walmart Grocery is a great way to do this.

Where we live there are at least 6 grocery stores within a 3 mile radius, so there are not a lack of places to buy groceries.  If we need one or two things and convenience is a factor we will go to the closest store, which is either an Albertson’s or a Safeway.  But if we are good doobies and meal plan for the week and then make a grocery list for the week, we will hit up either WinCo or Walmart Grocery because neither can be beat on prices.  The real deciding factor is whether we have our daughter with us and what the day is going to be like.  If I have the luxury of having some alone time I’ll go to WinCo and walk and shop.  I must say that walking around a grocery store during a slow period is pretty relaxing for some reason.  But, if there is a really busy day that we need groceries and I have the baby, we are doing Grocery Pick Up from Walmart.

This is how it works.  You just go to the website here.  (By following this link you will get a $10 off coupon code to use at checkout for your first purchase and by you doing so, we also get $10 off a future purchase, so thank you for clicking the link.)  You might have to sign up if you don’t already have a Walmart online account but it is super easy.  From there you search and shop for grocery items just like Amazon or any other online shopping.  You can select number of items (I want 3 navel oranges) or by weight (I want 2 pounds of bananas).

You can shop for all grocery items including: produce, dairy, eggs, meat, deli items and pantry items.

Search oranges on walmart grocery pickup

Search “Oranges” on Walmart Grocery Pickup and get everything oranges from produce to juice to canned mandarins

Search mouthwash on Walmart Grocery Pick up

Search “mouthwash” on Walmart Grocery and get 3 pages of possible mouthwashes!

Now get this…you can also shop for alcohol, health and beauty items, electronics, household and laundry, home furnishings and pretty much anything you can purchase at Walmart!!!

You can purchase beer from walmart grocery pickup

Yup, beer delivered right to your car at Walmart. Life is good!

So once you have your entire grocery list complete you must pick a pickup time.  This is where it takes a little planning ahead because most of the time you have to give them 12-24 hours because time slots fill up fast.  I have been lucky and placed my order at 7 am and been able to pick up at 5 pm but that doesn’t always happen.

You will get a phone call from an actual person at the store when your order is ready. They have always been 30 to 45 minutes early.  They ask that you give them a courtesy call when you are about 10 minutes away so they can pull your order out of the refrigerator.

When you get to the store they should have a special covered and well signed parking area with a little push button speaker like a Sonic Drive-In.  When you push it they ask for your name and they will come out with your groceries and put them in your trunk for you.  It takes less than 5 minutes and is so simple it sounds too good to be true.


Here are a couple of concerns or questions people have about Walmart Grocery Pickup:

Will I get good produce and what if it is bad or not to my liking?

In my experience I have never had a bad piece of produce.  They do state right on their website that the “pickers” are instructed to pick the produce that they would buy for themselves.  They also have a no questions asked return/ exchange policy on produce where they will exchange it without any hassle.  I have not had to return any produce so I don’t know how easy it really is.

What if they don’t have an item I ordered by the time I pick up my order?

They have a great substitution policy.  They will substitute a different brand if possible, even if you purchase the generic Walmart brand, they will substitute with the more expensive name brand.  One time I bought some coffee creamer but they were out of the Coffee Mate French Vanilla I wanted, so they gave me an International Delight French Vanilla plus a Coffee Mate Carmel Macchiato!  The employee said that sometimes people like a certain brand more than others regardless of flavor and she didn’t know what we liked so she gave us both…for the original price!  It’s crazy but true.  If the substitute isn’t to your liking they can always remove it from your order without charging you.

Does every Walmart offer Pickup?

No, but the website will tell you if a Walmart near you offers pickup once you give them your zip code.

Does the person who ordered the groceries have to pick up the groceries?

I don’t think that this would be an issue.  They have never asked for ID.  To be safe, you can always make sure the person picking up the groceries has the confirmation email.


Hopefully you will give Walmart Grocery Pick up a shot.  Our family really loves it and still can’t believe how easy it makes our life.  Here again is the link for the website and your free $10 off coupon code to use at checkout.  Let us know what your experience was like, if you would keep using it and how much time and/or money it saved  you.