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In our relationship, I (Michael) am the spender and Kelsa is the saver.  I was never good with money, keeping my checkbook balanced or really saving in general.  Let’s just say I overdrafted my bank account a couple of times a month.  Kelsa on the other hand has an undergraduate degree in Finance, MBA with an emphasis on Accounting and has 13 years of financial experience including working as a Financial Advisor, Corporate Accountant and her current business: Financial Coach.  It’s a match made in heaven… or is it?  Da…Da…Daahhhh


Are you a saver or a spender?  What about your significant other?  How do your different (or similar) money habits effect your relationship?  Most couples have one saver and one spender.  They speak very different languages and have different principles when it comes to money.  Money issues are the number one reason for divorce in America and maybe that is because savers and spenders need to learn how to communicate about money as well as understand what their partner needs and wants.


It has taken Kelsa and I almost 15 years to really figure out how we each deal with money and how to empathize with each other.  I still will go buy something not budgeted (although usually under $25 compared to hundreds of dollars a long time ago) and Kelsa is able to spend money on something she considers a “want” rather than a “need” where she used to think things were good enough and not necessary to spend any more money.


Take the time to think about your relationship and your significant other.  Are you the saver or the spender?  What about your significant other?  How do they see the finances and do they know how you see finances?  What would it take to compromise?

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