The Fiscal Fitness Guide to Saving

Resources, Strategies and Tools to Help You Build Up Your Savings

Having more money in savings provides a safety net like no other. Whether you are saving for one of life’s big events – like getting married, buying a house, or starting a family –  or simply wanting to feel more secure and in control of their finances, savings can help you achieve a lot. We know from working with our financial coaching clients that more savings equal more peace of mind. The more money you have in savings for a rainy day, the less you fear rainy days. Savings give us a cushion. They help soften the blow of a whammy. They help us pay for dreams and goals without incurring debt. They allow us to plan and dream big.

Use the resources on this page to motivate you and provide you with strategies to start making some serious headway on figuring out how much you need in savings and what kinds of savings accounts you need.

Want to Know the Best Way to Get Ahead Financially?

It’s through saving. But not just any old savings account. It’s a strategic set of savings accounts that will eliminate 75% of your unexpected expenses.

Emergency Savings Strategies

Our advice about emergency savings doesn’t follow the traditional “3-6 months of living expenses in savings” approach. In the articles below, you’ll see how we think you should figure out that amount, and more importantly, when you should (and should not) be dipping into your emergency savings.


More than 85% of Fiscal Fitness clients have an emergency savings fund after working with us

Do you want more than resources? Our financial coaches have worked with hundreds of people over the years to help them plan ahead and finally get ahead with their finances. Whether your goal is to get out of debt, save more, or finally stick to a budget, we can help. And we won’t even tell you that you have to do it while living on a rice and beans diet! We can provide you with more than a guide to saving. we can provide you the Plan Ahead Method™.