In this week’s episode of The Fiscal Fitness podcast, Kelsa avoids breaking Michael’s computer and interviews financial advisor extraordinaire, Shanna Tingom, from Heritage Financial Strategies.

Most people take a hands-off approach to investing, especially if they hire a financial advisor.  There are different strategies that people have for their investments, namely passive or active investing. Passive investing is typically a “set it and forget” style, something like an S & P 500, NASDA, basically index investing.  With active investing, conversely, you have a fund manager that is actively managing that investment towards an objective.  The fund managers have certain knowledge and experience and make a certain percentage.

In this week’s podcast, learn more about the differences, benefits, and the pros and cons of both active and passive investing:

  • Which approach will cost you more?
  • Which will make you more money in the long run?
  • What strategy is best for your personality?


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