The first step to taking control of your finances is realizing that your relationship with money can be better.

We have seen time-and-time again clients who transform their finances in ways they could not imagine when they first started working with us. But that initial step of knowing that things can be better is the common factor among the people we help.

We want your relationship with money to be better too. That’s why we created this free training video.

We see clients have three major symptoms in common: they’re in debt and can’t seem to get out, they can’t save as much as they would like (because of lack of cash flow or continued whammies happening) or they can’t seem to stick to a budget and constantly overspend. 

These are all actually symptoms of a much bigger problem; which is that we can’t see our money clearly!  In this course, we will help you tackle the 5 simple steps you need to follow to create a budget that works for you, gain clarity on your finances, finally pay off your debt quickly, save for emergencies and put your money towards your goals and dreams.

Imagine a budget that will actually be fun and empowering to use, reduce your financial stress and make sure you are funding what you love about your life!

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What You Can Expect from the Video Training

During this video training, we will show you our simple and intuitive budgeting system. Because it’s the fact that the traditional budget has been failing you all these years, not you failing at budgeting. In this 40 minute video, Coach Jill Emanuel will share the budgeting system we use to help our clients see and manage their money, pay off debt, build their emergency fund and put their money to their goals and dreams.

Course Topics Include

  • Why traditional budgets fail and make us think we have an overspending problem.

  • The steps you need to take to achieve financial clarity.

  • How to intuitively organize your expenses.

  • Managing fluctuating expenses and the whammies.

  • How to appropriately save for emergencies and unexpected whammies.

  • Choose and implement the debt payoff strategy that is right for you

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Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to watch the 40 minute video

Get ready to take notes and if you share finances with a significant other they should watch it too.

You Will Gain

  • A greater understanding of where your money is going

  • Confidence that you can stick to a budget

  • Motivation to improve your current financial situation, no matter where you are

  • The ability to understand how the financial decisions you make today can affect you days, weeks and months into the future

You Will Learn

  • Tips for using cash and sticking to a budget to stop overspending

  • How to plan for unexpected expenses

  • How to build your emergency savings

  • How to pay off your debt without using savings

  • A better way to budget

We want you to stress less about money. We want you to pay off debt AND treat yourself to a daily coffee if that’s what you really want to do. We want you to stop feeling like you are constantly overspending. We want you to save for emergencies and stop going into debt when a whammy happens.

Do you want these things too? Then you’re ready to start this course.

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The Fiscal Fitness team