The Saver and The Spender Episode 22: Active vs. Passive Investing with Financial Advisor Shanna Tingom

In this week's episode of The Saver and The Spender podcast, Kelsa avoids breaking Michael's computer and interviews financial advisor extraordinaire, Shanna Tingom, from Heritage Financial Strategies in Gilbert, AZ. Most people tend to take a hands off approach to investing, especially if you hire a financial advisor.  There are [...]

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Is your business leaking money? offers small business ideas and resources for entrepreneurs. Teri Cettina, an amazing business and finance journalist, put together a list of 5 Places your Business May Be Leaking Money. Below is a quick summary of the Top 5 but you can also read the full article here! 1. Meals & [...]

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Stop Stressing About Money

Are You Stressed About Money? Here’s how I can help. Do you wake up in the middle of the night worried about money? If you’re like 72% of adults in the American Psychological Association’s Stress in America study, the answer is a resounding YES. Money is the cause of stress [...]

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Budget to start the week

The beginning of every week - either Sunday night or Monday morning - is a great time to update your budget! Keep in mind, budgeting is all about PLANNING AHEAD with your money so spend a few minutes to do just that- budget exactly what you're doing with your money [...]

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