25 FREE Business Resources

25 FREE Business Resources Who loves FREE stuff? Pretty much everyone especially when you’re building a business! I’ve learned over the years that just because something is free doesn’t mean it isn’t of value to my business. That’s not to say all free tools are good, only that there are [...]

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How to Budget

Have you tried to budget before but the process only led to frustration or a feeling of failure? Let me guess, the process looked something like this- you complete a spreadsheet where you list your monthly income at the top then list all your expenses for the month after that. [...]

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Financial Review – Mint.com

By now you may have heard of Mint.com - a website that pulls all your financial accounts into one place, assists in categorizing the expenses, and helps you to create a budget. It also helps you see the whole picture of your spending - instead of seeing how much you [...]

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