Cheap & Creative Halloween Costumes

Halloween is almost upon us and I'm curious- how much will you be spending on your costume this year? Did you make sure to add this expense to your October budget? I spent countless hours (not really, I used Pinterest) to find Halloween costumes that could be replicated pretty inexpensively. [...]

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Are frequent flyer miles worth the hassle?

Many clients have made the argument that frequent flyer programs and credit cards that earn flight rewards are a good thing. My reply is, “Are frequent flyer miles worth the hassle?” Then I ask how their program works and when was the last time they redeemed a reward. Often they [...]

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Credit cards aren’t all bad

As a personal finance coach, I teach my clients how to be in charge of their money, rather than their money being in charge of them. One of the first things we do is review their income and expenses including basic living expenses, student loans and revolving debt otherwise known [...]

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The Best Way to Pay Off Debt

Time Magazine listed "Get out of debt and save money" as the resolution most commonly broken! How can that be? My guess is that people simply don't have a good plan for actually getting out of debt. It sounds like a good idea and one you may really want to [...]

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Gas on credit- An Economic Death Spiral?

Guest post by Cindy Hynes from McCarthy Law Offices. It’s hard to know who or what to believe any more in the media. We see conflicting reports and opinions on all things credit. But numbers don’t lie and the following article discusses a recent survey conducted by Credit Donkey, a [...]

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Rewards credit cards

I always like to see what other people are searching for on the internet. I like to see the Top 10 "Trending Now" topics on Yahoo. Today, one of those topics was "Rewards credit cards", which made me shake my head and roll my eyes. Believe it or not, I'm [...]

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