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In this course, we will help you tackle the 5 simple steps you need to follow to create a budget that works for you, gain clarity on your finances, finally pay off your debt quickly, save for emergencies and put your money towards your goals and dreams.

Imagine a budget that will actually be fun and empowering to use, reduce your financial stress and make sure you are funding what you love about your life!

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Do you want to not be just “average” with your money anymore?

A budget is just a document with a lot of numbers unless there’s a plan to go along with it. There are millions of budgeting templates online, but what we’ve learned after working with individuals, couples, and small business owners over the last 10 years is that those numbers don’t mean a whole lot unless they are tied to an execution plan.

Our Eureka session is about more than budgeting.

It’s about creating a plan for your finances that accounts for everything — your current bills and your future goals. It’s not about telling you that you need to scrimp and save and deprive yourself of all pleasure in order to meet some goal that may or may not get you closer to your personal definition of financial freedom. What we do is help you figure out what you want to accomplish and then tell you based on the plan we create, how and when you will accomplish it.

Think of us as your money strategists. 

  • You can feel more confident and excited about your money.
  • You can get a handle on where your paychecks are going and trust you are maximizing your potential.
  • You can start saving toward that big bucket list item on your wish list.

If you want all of these things, click here to learn more about how the Eureka Session can help you kick butt with your money.

What You Will Get From A Eureka Session

  • An execution strategy that takes the guesswork out of managing your money: spending intentionally, saving with a purpose, communication strategies, leveraging or paying off debts, and maximizing incomes. You will get a step-by-step plan for it all. 

  • A budget that includes numbers you can live with. We won’t tell you that you have to stop spending money on coffee.
  • A savings strategy that leaves you feeling more confident, secure and ready to tackle not only what life throws at you, but the fun, lifestyle expenses you want to enjoy too!
  • A plan for your debt to ensure you are leveraging it properly or tackling it as quickly as possible – and total understanding of which one is best for you! If paying off your debts is the goal, you will walk away with the payoff strategy that’s best for you (did you know there are multiple to choose from?) and a game plan for reaching your payoff goals.