The Fiscal Fitness Guide to Debt

Resources, Strategies and Tools to Help You Pay Down and Pay Off Your Debt Quicker

The number one goal most people have with their finances is to pay down or pay off their debt. Whether it’s student loans, a car loan, your mortgage, or a personal loan from your grandma, most people don’t have warm and fuzzy feelings associated with their debt. We know from working with our financial coaching clients, that the reason behind wanting to eliminate debt is really all about stability. Without debt weighing you down, you can be proactive with your money, put it towards the things you value and create a wider safety net for you and your family.

Use the resources in this Guide to Debt to motivate you and provide you with strategies to start making some serious headway on paying down your debt.

Debt Pay Off Strategies

There are many different kinds of debt, all of it wrapped up in different emotions, different obligations and different levels of stress. Thankfully, there’s more than one way to pay off your debt. We have included resources here to help you figure out the different ways, what may work best for you, and how to stop adding to the debt you have.


Want to Know the Best Way to Pay Off Your Debt?

Take our five-minute Debt Personality Quiz to figure out which debt payoff strategy is right for you.

Credit Cards and Credit Card Debt

One of the top things a lot of our clients want help with is paying off their credit cards. Credit card debt is the kind of debt that just makes most people feel yucky. And while we’re not like some financial gurus who are going to tell you all credit cards are evil, we will say it takes some planning and effort to use them wisely. Here are some of our best credit card tips.

Credit Card Resources

Shopping and Spending

Spending is often equated with debt. You spend more than you have, you got into debt. That is true, but spending itself isn’t the culprit. No matter what, you still have to spend money. I mean, everyone has to buy at the very least the basic necessities. Learning how to manage your spending habits, identify spending triggers and realize when it’s ok to spend and when you should keep your card in your wallet that will help you most quickly pay down your debt.

Spending Resources

The average amount of debt paid off by Fiscal Fitness clients is $38,000.

Do you want more than resources? Our financial coaches have worked with hundreds of people over the years to help them plan ahead and finally get ahead with their finances. Whether your goal is to get out of debt, save more, or finally stick to a budget, we can help. And we won’t even tell you that you have to do it while living on a rice and beans diet! We can provide you with more than a guide to debt. we can provide you the Plan Ahead Method.