The Fiscal Fitness Podcast Episode 107: Another New Year, New $$
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This episode was originally published in December of 2019 as episode 74.  It was so impactful and popular that we wanted to put it back on your radar.

You may be excited to set new year’s resolutions and goals with your finances this time of year, but if you’re not careful, you could be getting ahead of yourself. Don’t set yourself up for failure, check out our New Year New Money Checklist FIRST. It will help you lay a really solid foundation which to build from!

Get ready to make your new year financial goals a resounding success in 2020!

You can visit the original blog post with downloadable “New year, new money” worksheet here.

In this episode, Kelsa talks about her 7 Steps to laying a really solid foundation with your new year financial goals for 2020.

  • Step one is setting your intention. So firming up your wife for pursuing financial growth and progress in the new year.
  • Step two is reflecting on your wins and losses in the past year.
  • Step three, reviewing sinking funds and savings accounts. In other words, for any projects or special occasions and just everyday type expenses that might be happening in the new year.
  • Step four is the year end checklist, getting organized and completing the annual tasks or at least getting them on your calendar of when you’re going to complete them.
  • Step five is your health and wellbeing intentions.
  • Step six, lessons for the kids.
  • And step seven is adopting a growth mindset around money.

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