The Fiscal Fitness Podcast (S2E5) | Client Dreams Fulfilled - Archived

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Listen to Episode 5 from Season 2 of the Fiscal Fitness Podcast to hear some inspirational stories of how financial coaching has transformed our clients’ lives.

When Coach Kelsa first started working with a fitness coach, she had a goal to lose 10 lbs. At that time, 10 lbs seemed like a big deal.

A year into her program, she lost more than twice that amount and was training for her first powerlifting meet.

As financial coaches, Kelsa Dickey and Jill Emanuel have seen this with their clients too.

A client comes to them with an immediate need or idea that feels big to them. Let’s say they want to pay off a credit card or build up their savings. They do those things often quicker and easier than they though. And after a while, they start dreaming big and doing big things with their money – like buying investment properties and completely restructuring their business so they can work less and make more money.

This episode is full of amazing and inspirational client stories to show you what is possible when your finances are as dialed in as your fitness. 

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