When it comes to creating and setting financial goals, we see common goals among our Fiscal Fitness clients. Some of the most frequent goals people have for their money are:

1. Payoff a credit card
2. Become debt-free
3. Save for a large purchase
4. Save for a vacation
5. Increase contributions to 401k or other investments
6. Go to a one-income household
7. Build an emergency fund
8. Get ahead on your bills or stop overdrawing your account
9. Spend less
10. Increase your income

Those are all great goals. But here’s the thing.

Personal finance isn’t always about the numbers.

Financial resolutions are extremely popular around New Year’s. They’re right up there with weight loss goals. And don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE fan of goal setting. In fact, every one of my clients has a goal or two or three. But personal finance, believe it or not, is not about numbers on a spreadsheet. It’s about so much more than simple addition and subtraction.

What’s really important is the WHY behind your goal. I love that you may want to pay off a credit card, but WHY? I love that you want an emergency fund, but WHY? Why is it important to you? When you finally achieve your goal, what is it that you will achieve?

Financial freedom, less stress, one job instead of two, more time with the kids, a better future for your family… these are just a few reasons why you may have one of the 10 goals I listed above.

That’s why this one simple step will get you a long way toward achieving your goals. What is it?

Write down your “Why”.

Yes, I want you to WRITE DOWN your WHY. Don’t just write down your goal. Most people have heard that writing down a goal is critical to achieving it. I think that’s fine. You can absolutely write down your goal, but I believe it’s easy to lose sight of the PURPOSE if you focus too narrowly on just the goal. The WHY helps you stay the course when you want to quit, and it reminds you of what’s truly important. The why is the reason behind the goal, which is more important than the goal itself. And if you’re not writing down the why, you are missing one critical piece to help you achieve your goals.


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