The Fiscal Fitness Podcast, Episode 31: Meet America’s Power Couple: The Freemans
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In Episode 31 we talk with couple’s coaches Aaron and Jocelyn Freeman, otherwise known as The Freemans.  They work with couples to help them communicate better, work better together, increase happiness and joy and reach their goals.

They are the authors of The New Power Couple, speakers, relationship coaches and angel investors. They have shared the stage with Tony Robbins, were nominated as Arizona’s 40 Under 40 Influencers, and have been featured in national media for mentoring couples & individuals on fulfilling their dreams & living in their full potential.

They also host, “EmPowered Couples”, one of the top relationship podcasts on iTunes and lead two thriving companies. They are passionate about investing in socially conscious businesses and one of the companies they invested in was featured on an ABC Show, Shark Tank in October 2017. They have been trained as leadership & relationship coaches, are ordained, & speak around the world in their mission to reach one million people to have thriving relationships at home & in business.

Some of the topics we cover today:

  • Should couples separate or combine finances?
  • What coversations and exercises engaged, newlywed and long time couples should have daily, weekly and monthly
  • Strategies for couples who work together or want to start a business together
  • How couples can capitalize on side hustles and multiple sources of income
  • How money plays a roll in relationships
  • And much more!

You can learn more about The Freemans here: www.meetthefreemans.com

You can get a free copy of their ebook, “The New Power Couple” here. 

They have an amazing couple’s meeting worksheet to be used for family meetings, available here for free (scroll down and click “download your sheet”)

You can find them: on Facebook

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