Better UsedThings That Are Better Used than New

We all have a budget and while I wish we could buy everything new, there are times when buying used or trading is the best choice. Have you ever gone to a trade party? The hostess picks a theme and each person brings something to trade. Choose something that might be better used than new like clothes, jewelry, home decor, or books. Invite your friends and see what happens!

Whether you’re having a trade party or shopping, here are items that might be better used than new:

Books and magazines: Visit your local used book store, thrift shop, or library for past issues of your favorite books and magazines.

Furniture: Bookshelves, desks, and other wooden furniture are better to buy used than new. Avoid buying couches or mattresses used as they can may have bed bugs, fleas, or other pests that you don’t want in your home.

Paintings or pictures: Is your neighbor having an everything-must-go sale? Stop by and see what they have for wall art. You might find the perfect painting at a bargain price.
Tools. Need a lawnmower or drill? Try searching yard sales. You never know who is moving and doesn’t need their tools anymore!

Costume Jewelry and Purses:  Easily change your look by just changing your jewelry or purse. Visit consignment shops for last season’s styles or have a purse trade party with friends.
Baby clothes and plastic toys. Kids go through clothes fast and if the clothes aren’t stained, they are a great option for trade or to buy used.

Clothes: Used clothing isn’t always better than new but it can be if you know where to shop. I recommend consignment shops and thrift stores in the affluent parts of town.

Cars: Did you know your new car loses more than 10% of its value the moment you take ownership and drive it off the lot? When you buy a used car, you’re buying a car that may have more miles, but there is less depreciation and smaller car payment.

The next time you’re making a purchase, ask yourself if it’s better to buy used. Happy Shopping!

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