Thoughts On Becoming A Coach And The Fear Of Regret
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“I think I should do this for real.”

I remember the first time I said that to Michael. I was financial coaching friends and family as a side hobby, while spending my days in Corporate Accounting.

We were living in Phoenix – a city we moved to for MY career. Our “life plan” up until that point was to chase my career. I was the breadwinner. I was good at my job, and I knew I could keep moving up the corporate ladder – something I thought I wanted.

It was practical.

It made sense.

It was a good plan.

But I realized that nothing filled my heart, gave me energy, and gave my life purpose like the conversations I had talking with people about their money.

For a long time, I ignored the tugs on my heart that I was feeling. I struggled with reconciling these desires with the way I had always viewed myself.

It felt scary to say out loud, “I think I should do this for a living.”

It was a vulnerable declaration because I’m not even sure I believed it when it came out of my mouth.

Michael’s reaction was, “I could see how that could work. I just want you to be happy.” So Michael.

From there, we started making a plan. We talked about what I would call myself, what my business name would be, how long we would give it to see if it would work, and what our Plan B (and C and D) would be. I have always been a planner.

We created our very first “Dream Fund” (we’ve now had lots of “dream funds”!), and we started funding it aggressively.

We also set “the date.” That was the date I would leave Corporate Accounting and begin calling myself a Financial Coach for real.

We had no idea if I could be successful, but here’s what I learned during this time.

The fear of failure is strong, but the fear of regret is stronger.

And I knew that even if I did fail, I would never regret trying it.

I took a leap of faith that day. I chose to say out loud that the dream I had for my life looked different. It was different than the life I was living and the one we were focused on creating.

I am so glad I took that leap.

What’s the dream that you, too, need to say out loud?

I urge you to share your dream with someone. Take that leap of faith. Then create your own Dream fund and watch as things begin to unfold.

Ten-plus years later, and I have no regrets.

I AM a financial coach.

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