Coffee Expense

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your birthday in style. We took a look and found a variety of birthday freebies – from a free coffee at Starbucks to free movie popcorn and free birthday meals. Check customer loyalty programs for stores like Bath & Body Works, Sephora and a variety of restaurants. They will often email or send a postcard for a birthday freebie.

Here are just a few of the birthday deals we found:

  1. Dolce Salon & Spa offers 25% off all services during your birthday month. Check spas and salons in your local area for birthday specials.

  2. Find FREE Birthday Meals across the nation. For example, Liberty Market in Downtown Gilbert, AZ offers $10 off your birthday meal.

  3. Golfland SunSplash offers FREE birthday parties!

  4. Harkins Theatres offers FREE popcorn on your birthday. Check your local movie chain for birthday savings.

  5. Red Robin offers a FREE BURGER on your birthday when you register here.

  6. FREE COFFEE at Starbucks on your birthday!

Another way to find birthday deals? JUST ASK! Our friend went to a local ice cream shop and told them it was her birthday. She received a FREE ice cream!

Whether it is an official birthday special, part of a customer loyalty program or you’re just asking for a birthday deal, it pays to do your research!

Have you saved on a birthday or customer loyalty deal? We would love to hear from you!