As a small business owner and budgeting coach for other business owners, I know firsthand the challenges faced when it comes to attracting and retaining clients. Without clients, we don’t have a business so don’t save the thank-yous for the holiday season! Make thanking your clients a year-round event with these tips:

    1. Start in-house. Thank your employees first. Engaged employees know they are appreciated and understand their value to the organization. They pay it forward by providing a positive customer experience. That goes a long way to attracting and retaining clients.
    2. Celebrate with an Open House. Summer is a slow time for a lot of businesses making it a good time to throw a client appreciation event. Serve up simple food and drinks. Have a raffle whose entry is just showing up at the party. Tell your clients they are appreciated.
    3. Handwritten thank you notes. When was the last time you received a handwritten note in the mail? It has probably been a long time! Send handwritten thank you notes to clients for no reason at all or to thank them for a referral. It will be a nice change from getting bills and junk mail.
    4. Share success stories on social media. I don’t like all the negativity that seems to be shared on social media which is why I share client success stories. I love and appreciate that my clients trust me to help them make their financial dreams a reality and I can’t help but share on the Fiscal Fitness Phoenix Facebook page.
    5. Create a loyalty program. Have you seen the social media posts from friends about how much they saved on gas through a loyalty program? That’s what you can do too! If you have a product that you’re selling, create a loyalty program for your best clients. Buy three, get one free or similar.
    6. Drop off goodies. A tray of cookies or an unexpected lunch delivery can go a long way to making a client feel appreciated. They will be excited and it’s a good chance to check in and just say hello. Who knows….they might need something else from you and just haven’t had the time to call.

As you’re thinking about the holiday season, I encourage you to make thanking clients part of your business throughout the year. I challenge you to do a random act of thanking at least once a month. Keep me posted on the Fiscal Fitness Phoenix Facebook page.