Save money on eating out
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lunch box

Everybody has those days where they find themselves having to go out to lunch during the work week to market, consult, or simply keep connections. However, those days that you find yourself just running to a local fast food store to grab something quick, try bringing your own! If you pack your lunch the night before you are spending less money on your food, as you are already eating the food you purchased from the grocery store.

In addition, invest in a good lunch box and tupperware. When you do this, you eliminate the cost of paper bags, and plastic baggies, all of which are wasteful and can add up over the year, just like your coffee!

Last but not least, invest in a couple of metal water bottles. Plastic water bottles are the number one waste of money!! So, my triple tip… Eat food you already have, don’t brown bag and plastic baggy it, invest in a durable food container that can be reused and not thrown away, and no more plastic water bottles! Follow these three simples steps, and watch the dollars in your bank account add up!

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